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A rising Crimson Tide

Posted by appolus on March 24, 2016

I was awoken at 1.40 this morning by the Holy Spirit with this line ” There is a rising Crimson Tide.” I have arthritis and it is bad right now but I knew if I did not get out of bed the line would be gone and there would be no poem, so I got up and was inspired by the Lord to write this, I pray that it blesses you. Upon reading it back to myself I see that it could be sung to the tune of ” The house of the rising sun.”

There is a rising Crimson tide
That burns inside of me
Tis from my wounded Master’s side
Which flows from Calvary

This fire was set when I met Him
So very long ago
And though the years are passing me
This fire will always flow

It rises and consumes my heart
This heart He gave to me
This fire consumes my very soul
Which flows from Calvary

And from His nail pierced hands it flows
And trickles down on me
Who kneels below this Crimson flow
The cross of Calvary

And I am raised up by the tide
Of Crimson’s glorious fire
His blood it cleanses all of me
And raises me up higher

It take me all the way to heaven
To stand before His throne
I lift my hands and worship Him
For me His Blood atoned.

Consumed by a fire of molten Love
That flowed on me from up above
Igniting every part of me
Thank God in Christ for Calvary

2 Responses to “A rising Crimson Tide”

  1. Scarlett said

    The house of the rising sun is not a holy song to put these lyrics to brother. Just saying.

    • appolus said

      Its not the song Scarlett , its the melody. Fanny Crosby would do this frequently as did William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army. Anyway Scarlett, I cannot write music so I am somewhat of a disadvantage 🙂 …………..bro Frank

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