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The paradigm is Shifting

Posted by appolus on December 21, 2015

Our paradigm is shifting and all the wise men in their own wisdom or the wisdom of old wine still desperately cling to the past. What made sense in the old paradigm makes no sense in the new.

God is doing a work, walls are falling, structures are crumbling and the Kingdoms of men are shaking. This rolling stone of the gospel has gathered much moss and muck over the millennia and has been rolled into the mire of the world and its ways and its systems until it has become unrecognizable.

Now, God is shaking all that can be shaken. All the moss and the muck is being shaken off and only that which is pure shall be left before the shaking has ended. The world and all of its ways are like muck and it gets everywhere. You can’t get near it without eventually being covered by it. Yet, the rivers of life shall wash away the muck or sweep away that which does not stand upon the foundation.

14 Responses to “The paradigm is Shifting”

  1. Robert Taylor said

    Hello brother Frank……I beleive you are right on the mark. I beleive we are seeing the beginning of the shake up here in Mexico. We are living in exciting times brother…….Robert

    • Hello Robert, just reading your comment here. Can you share what you see The Lord doing in Mexico? I am from Australia.

      • appolus said

        Hi Donna, not sure how often Robert gets on, so it may take him a while to get back to you. He is a wonderful brother and has been on the missionary field in Mexico for many years, difficult work but the brother is faithful……….bro Frank

        • Hi Frank, I just responded to Robert’s reply and apologise for it being so late! I only just discovered this section in the wordpress administration area where I have ‘unread’ comments – so my apologies to you also brother. Thank you for writing. I am blessed to have heard some of Robert’s testimony and am encouraged to hear what our Lord is doing in the country of Mexico. God bless you. Donna

      • Robert Taylor said

        Hello Donna from Australia…..Good to hear from you. I served with the Aussies on the battle fields of Vietnam. The Australians are a precious people. Sorry i am late getting back to you. I spend a lot of time out in remote areas, and don,t get to visit this blessed site as often as i would like. To answer your inquiery as to what is happening in Mexico, i will give you the short answer here, and a much longer report by e mail through brother Frank, if you so desire.
        I have been saved for 41 years, and have been a missionary for 38 of those years. I am telling you this in order to show that i have a perspective on the orginized church in many diffrent parts of the world. I am 73 years old, and i grew up in an era of America where the unsaved people that nevr went to church a day in thier lives had a higher standard of morals than most so called christians in todays churches around the world. I have watched pastors and evangelist try every gimmick that they can think of to try to bring revival to a group of people that God has swept under the rug a long time ago. I have also watched a very small group of remnant saints of a Holy God, mourn and greive over the abominations that they have been wittness to over the years. I have been a missionary here in Mexico for 15 years now, and i must saythat the spiritual condition in the orginized churches here in this country are not any better than in other churches that i have seen in other parts of the world. But, Praise our Lord Jesus Christ forever! I am beginning to see a shaking like brother Frank is talking about sweep through this country. I am seeing the remnant people of God getting fed up with the aboninations they have been rubbing elbows with in the organized church for so long, and getting up off the pews and taking the gospel to the streets of these citys. I have seen christians by the dozen on the streets proclaiming the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ to the multitudes. And i am happy to report that i have seen many, many people responding in a most positive way to that street outreach. My little mission alone has passed out over ten thousand tracts and bibles this month alone. We get our tracts and bibles free from diffrent orginizations that also is fed up with the compromising organized church, and are furnishing free material to dedicated christians that are willing to go to the masses of people on the streets with it. Yes indeed, I see the beginning of a shaking here in the country of Mexico, and i am sure that it is beginning all over this sin ridden planet. I don,t know how to get this to you Donna other than to post it on Brother Franks site. If you do indeed get it let me know. Blessings from Mexico precious sister.

        • Oh dear Robert! Gosh, it’s nearly the end of April 2016 and I’ve only just discovered your contact here! Please accept my apology, I obviously have difficulty finding my way around the wordpress administration area in blogging! What you have written is most encouraging brother, and I am honoured that you have shared this with me. My husband and I will rejoice with you and all God’s people, in this shaking that is occurring there in Mexico. Bless you brother for corresponding with me, and for serving in war and enduring all that you have. I’m sure the Aussie soldiers who served alongside you in Vietnam were blessed indeed. Thank you and again apologies for this ridiculously delayed reply! Praise God for His Life through His Son that is shaking up His body all over this world. We are called to never grow weary or to shrink back, and so we encourage one another to march on, in following our Lord Jesus Christ, in whom and from whom all Life flows. He is indeed, our All in all. Bless you Robert. Donna

    • appolus said

      Exciting times indeed Robert and I believe that is the way, we as Christians, should see it. Fear is the enemy of faith and one of the root causes of many many sins…………..bro Frank

  2. Amen to that!

  3. Amen!

  4. KMH said

    Thank you Brother Frank! I also think the old wineskins are crumpling. The Lord will bring new wine in new wineskins. I went to a free conference by an internet pastor recently and was blown away by how many “loners” are out there – came in from as far as Canada and all over the states! Together we worshipped, studied, and trained for warfare! So amazing what God is doing with the internet and blogs like yours!
    May the love of Jesus shine bright in all of our hearts and actions. Merry Christmas!

  5. appolus said

    Hi KMH, if you dont mind sharing the name of the pastor and the conference, that would be good for others who are looking for resources, God bless you………………….bro Frank

  6. KMH said

    I don’t mind at all Brother. Theappearance.com is the blog. Augusto Perez is the Brother that teaches. Currently he is teaching a series on the Holy Spirit. All prior teachings are free and online. Enjoy!

  7. How interesting. A couple years ago I wrote about “The Muck” and several times in the last year I’ve written about the “shaking” or “Warnings.” I might post them here when I get to my laptop

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