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Tower of Babel rises.

Posted by appolus on November 27, 2015

Jesus is the coming problem. Even now and for a long time, mention the name of Jesus anywhere and people get uncomfortable. You can talk about God and Allah and Yahweh or Jehovah and people are fine, mention Jesus and they start to squirm. Soon religious leaders, seeking a political solution to intractable religious problems will tell us that the three major monotheistic religions share the same founding father, Abraham. They will tell us that these are the roads to heaven, not one, but at least three if not more. People will be able to talk about God but not about Jesus. Anyone who will suggest that Jesus is the only way to heaven, the fundamental tenet of the Christian faith, will be despised. Watch as the major religions of the world come together under the brotherhood of man banner. Even now Babel is being re-built.

3 Responses to “Tower of Babel rises.”

  1. Viviana said

    Hello brother, you can say that again.
    To me started happening few months ago already in the property that I live.
    My daughter home is here and at her house I can’t talk about my “religion” meaning Jesus, only when I go at night before my grandchildren fall at sleep to pray in their room with them.
    Then the other guy who rents here haven’t spoke to me for about 2 moths because after some incident happen I asked him if he said thank you to God, he said just like nothing, “I always do” in a what ever way, so I asked him if he realize that was the Holy Spirit who had help us and he got all defensive and answer me
    “What the f….?” By the way I’m 62, a woman alone, living in a lot of pain, everyone here knows that I have to have back surgery and my daughter and son in law own the property, he is a 40 years old punk, and rents here.
    He made a big deal out of it because I started defending Jesus, to not talk like that about our Lord, etc and my daughter was in his side, saying that I have no right to push my “religion” on ppl. So for 2 months he hasn’t speak to me not even good morning or hello and he lives right downstairs from me.
    My daughter acts like it’s not big deal that her mom is been disrespected by everyone who comes or lives here, her included.
    And is all because the name of Jesus.
    It’s a very uncomfortable situation that I have to live daily.
    But I will never, ever stop standing for JESUS.
    God bless you and family.

  2. Barbara said

    In reading several comments on a shooting tragedy in Colorado, overnight, it seems Christians are being (wrongly) blamed for that tragedy, and all such tragedies. It is amazing that a man full of evil would shoot and injure several people and Christians are being blamed. Those who name the name of Christ must draw close to him!

  3. I totally agree brother.

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