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Where is the light?

Posted by appolus on October 2, 2014

We live in a generation that is almost wholly unreached by the Gospel. Does the problem lie with the unsaved world? The world is wicked, for sure, but it has always been that way, but what of the light? What of the salt? Is our light hidden, has our salt lost its saltiness and if it has, what is its use? Is anyone bold enough to say that Christendom is in good shape? And if it is not, then why not? It cannot be the wicked worlds fault for the world has always been wicked. It cannot be Gods fault for in our God there lies no fault. If the world has grown darker, and we have been charged as being bearers of the light, then where is the light? Is there an increase of darkness or a decrease in light? If their be a decrease in light then what cause? Yes indeed , judgement begins at the house of the Lord.

4 Responses to “Where is the light?”

  1. contender4Him said

    Good thoughts!
    Question: HOW do we, the Church, need to increase our Light? As each individual, what do each of us need to do? Darkness is darkness…..it cannot increase. You go into a dark room, it can’t get darker. But light, however, CAN increase. A dimmer switch is a good example of that. I can flick on a lot of lamps in a room to get the brightness that I need, but when it is dark, I can’t make it darker. Dark is dark. Although ‘twilight’ would be a ‘lighter’ dark, I suppose. Anyway…. how can WE as the Church bring more of Christ’s Light to such a dark, dark world? Something we all need to thiink about in our own lives.

    • appolus said

      We need to encounter God and pursue God and live for God and be unashamed of God. He needs to be the driving passion of our lives. Out of the abundance of a mans heart the mouth speaks. He needs to be our grand obsession and we need to know that the Lord is at the door and that the Bridegroom is returning for His Bride………………….bro Frank

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