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And Hell pours forth its fury-ISIS

Posted by appolus on September 3, 2014

Below is an article written by a dear brother in the Lord , Robert Taylor. He is a missionary in Mexico and a dear faithful brother. Robert highlights the fact that ISIS, now the well-known evil group of terror in Iraq and Syria, is also the name of an ancient pagan Goddess. And not just any pagan Goddess, she is still worshipped today all over the world in pagan and occultic circles. She is the Goddess of magic, but more importantly in those circles she is the mother of Osirus. Using her magic she is supposed to have resurrected him from the dead. There is an ancient image of ISIS suckling her son Horus. This image was later co-opted by early Catholicism to represent Mary suckling Jesus.

Now if ISIS represents evil and resurrection, what exactly is being resurrected in this group? Every now and then in history, the bowels of hell of hell open up and evil is vomited onto the land. Not just the ordinary evil that man is so capable of, but a particular demonic evil that takes over groups and sometimes nations in a great tidal wave of hell itself. Nazi Germany is a great example of this. In an interview for a documentary on the rise of Hitler, one regular German woman put it like this. ” There was something in the atmosphere and we all breathed it in.” I want you to ponder  that.

The prince of the power of the air comes down and soaks the atmosphere at certain times. Now, there is a time coming, such as we have never seen before. Is that time now, as brother Robert hints at? Perhaps. Is it the group ISIS that represents the coming great evil such as the world has never seen before? Perhaps. Or, is there something yet to come that is so terrible that our minds cannot even conceive it? Now, all of these events have the same source, yet when the prince of the power of the air comes down in the time just prior to the return of Jesus, there will be something so intoxicating in the air that most will breathe it in, in fact, if it were possible, even the elect would do so, such is the deception.

This is why I do not believe that the group ISIS will be that force, it may be a pre-currsor to it and a microcosm of it and an insight into the sheer madness and evil that is to come that will overtake the whole world , much like Hitler and the Nazis were but not the ” main act,” so to speak. The great evil yet to come will not come from blatant Barbarians, which is what ISIS is and the whole world can see that. No, the great evil to come will be perpetrated by the civilized world and cheered on by that world as it goes about its business of killing every genuine saint on the earth……….bro Frank


Robert Taylor-ISIS…………

Recently the entire world was shocked as a group of Islamic extremist people calling themselves ISIS, (which stands for Islamic state of Iraq and Syria) seemingly came out of nowhere and spread out across the countries of Iraq and Syria destroying and devouring everything in their path. Nothing stood before them. They were like a biblical plague of locusts devouring everything in their path. This group of people who calls themselves ISIS is the most evil group of people who has ever arose on the stage of history bar none.

I read an article on the internet recently written by someone whose name I have forgotten. In the article the person put forth the question. “can a human being only fall to a certain level of depravity and cannot go any lower without the super natural help of a demon”? It is an interesting question, and my take on it is, that although the human race is fallen and totally depraved, mortal man is not capable of committing certain acts that goes beyond depravity without the direct intervention of a demon from hell. I believe that Hitler had to have been demon possessed in order to do what he did. What he did goes beyond what a human being is capable of doing. Then we have Stalin, Pol Pot of Cambodia, and a host of others.

This brings me back to the question of “who, or what, is this group of Islamic people who calls themselves “ISIS” that are storming over the countries of Iraq and Syria devouring and destroying everything in their path like a plague of locusts” I believe that the bible has a clear answer to this question. I would like to point out at this point that the letters ISIS stands for “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria”, but it is also the name of the Egyptian false goddess Isis that witch covens and other heathen groups all over the world reverence and pay homage to in their satanic rituals. I don’t believe that it is a coincidence that these two names are linked together.

This Islamic group ISIS seemingly appeared out of nowhere on August 8th 2014 when they invaded the city of Monsul Iraq, which happens to be the old ancient city of Niniveh which the prophet Jonah in the bible preached in. They systematically killed, or otherwise drove out every single Christian in that city. The Christian community of Monsul has been residing in that city for 2,000 years, and in less than one week these demonic people called ISIS eliminated them to the last person, a people who have inhabited that city since the beginning of Christianity. This brings me to the point of revealing who I think this ISIS bunch is, and where the world is headed at breakneck speed.

I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the 5th trumpet of the book of Revelation has blown. I am not going to get in the controversy of when someone thinks the rapture will take place. Believe what you want concerning the rapture date. I am pointing out biblical evidence that the 5th Trumpet of the book of Revelation has blown.

Now let’s turn in our bibles to the 9th chapter of the book of Revelation. I am not going to expound on every verse in the chapter here, but only on the verses that covers the subject we are discussing here. Read the entire chapter yourself to get the overall context of the message of the chapter.In verse number 1 we read of the 5th Angel sounding his trumpet, and a “star” falling from heaven. I think everyone can agree that the star mentioned here is in fact an Angel. The scripture says that, “the key to the bottomless pit was given to him”.

In verse 2 he opens the bottomless pit and a smoke so great that it darkens the sun arose out of the bottomless pit. I don’t think anyone can deny that a horrible darkness has enveloped the entire world, particularly the middle east.

Verse 3 tells us that locusts came out of the smoke, and power was given to them as, “the scorpions of the earth have power.” A careful reading of Ezekiel 2:6 tells us very plainly that the word “scorpion” in the bible is referring to very evil men. Now let’s skip down to verses 7, 8, and 9. As I said before, I am only pulling out the verses that identify who these “locusts” are, and thereby who these people who call themselves ISIS are.

1. They appear as horses prepared for battle. A war-horse in ancient times was good for nothing but war. They were no good for working, nor were they used for transportation. They only knew war. This is a pretty good description of these ISIS people.
2. There were “crowns like gold on their heads”. A gold crown represents a kingdom. The sole purpose of these ISIS people is to set up an Islamic kingdom. A world-wide Caliphate is their goal, a revival of the Ottoman Empire on a world-wide scale.
3. They have “faces of men” in other words these locust that came out of the bottomless pit are evil men, that are devouring and destroying on such a scale that the bible calls them locust.
4. They have the”hair of women”. I did a google on this and discovered that most devout muslims in Africa and the middle east wear their hair in long locks that they call “deadlocks”. The tradition comes from Mohamed himself that wore his hair in four long locks that hung down to his shouders.
5.Teeth of Lions
6. Breastplates of iron
7. “wings”

These 3 things identify them as mighty men of war, very fierce, and nearly unstoppable, moving very fast across the land. With this information I think the only conclusion that we can come to is these “locusts” out of the pit of hell are a group of very evil men whose goal is to set up a kingdom on this earth, ruled by a group of people that they can only be described as “beast” in other parts of the bible.

If what is happening in the middle east right now is not the blowing of the 5th Trumpet, then someone will have to tell me what in the world is happening over there. What is transpiring over there right now is not on the natural plane. It is super natural. It has to fit in scripture somewhere, and the blowing of the 5th Trumpet fits perfectly. Shalom to all. See you in the New Jerusalem soon.

8 Responses to “And Hell pours forth its fury-ISIS”

  1. Christine said

    Brother Frank,
    I’m not sure I agree with his assessment that the 5th trumpet has sounded. It seems he is jumping past the seals and 4 trumpets to make his logical progression to what he sees is happening. I think we are all wondering if we have now seen all the seals opened. Perhaps we have, perhaps not. There is a lot that has hit the stage this past year and we are all feeling the effects of the horrors we hear about on a weekly, if not daily basis.
    But I think we need to be careful that we don’t jump to conclusions without the revelation and discerning of God.

    I also feel that what man is capable of in himself is nothing short of evil and vile. When the Holy Spirit is taken out of the way, the horrors of man are unleashed and it is because of the god that self serves that man is capable of these things. It is what the nature of mankind does. The heart of a man without the Holy Spirit knows nothing but sin.
    I think he had some good things to contribute, but to ask the reader to show him how the trumpet has NOT sounded is evidence that maybe he isn’t willing to see or hear otherwise.
    This is just my observation.

    • appolus said

      HI Christine, I agree with most of what you have written apart from the part that says that he maybe ” isn’t willing to see or hear otherwise.” I personally feel that we are in the first stages of the birth pangs, just the first stage. Yet I know there is a multitude of opinions on Revelation. For instance, I do not not believe in a pre-trib-rapture. Now it is reckoned about 70% of Christendom does. I know folks who are sincerely convinced of it I just believe them to be sincerely wrong. What interests me most about what bro Robert wrote was the part about the particular depravity that has visited the earth from time to time. It is truly demonic and men give themselves over to it. I believe this will be the state of the world shortly, so that our time will just be like the time of Noah………bro Frank

  2. Nora said

    As the events of the world unfold on a daily basis and as I read this article, I’m struck by the fact that so many people (including Christians) are so complacent about what is happening all around us. It seems that if our lives are going well (or at least ok), we don’t seem to notice the horrible turmoil that is happening elsewhere. I remember that I always felt so safe when I had a husband and I (falsely!) believed that he would somehow protect me and that together we could take on anything. All of us need to cling to God and God alone. Yes, He uses wonderful people in our lives to help us through and when the people of God sincerely pray, mountains are moved, but the enemy would love for us to be so caught up in our lives that we become blind to what he is doing, which is a constant, steady act of terror. Of course, God is bigger and knows how to protect His own, but the enemy does come to kill, steal, and destroy and that is his one and only mission in our lives every single second. We need to be people of prayer every moment (pray without ceasing – just like we breathe without ceasing). Otherwise, it is possible that those who once loved and followed God so closely can fall away and become deceived. Never stop praying! The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous person avails much.

  3. W.E. Smith said

    Bro Frank –

    This gentleman (Robert Taylor) seems very certain about matters he has apparently done little real homework on. “Beyond a shadow of a doubt” Hmmm. Did he actually witness the pit opening up, was he there? I have heard all of this too many times before to take it seriously.

    Does it not seem strange that this dreadful group (ISIS) has seemingly come out of nowhere to become the new bad guy in town? So what is their origin? Has the west, the US been involved in creating or encouraging this group? These videos, have they been corroborated by trustworthy third parties, or are they merely propaganda designed to get stupefied and blood-lusting Americans (and christians) to sign on for another regional or world war? And how does this all benefit the zionist nation of isreal and its greedy desire to expand its borders further into Iraq and Syria.

    Gun-jumping serves no one when it comes to prophetic insight. The Book of Revelation, if we are perfectly honest, is full of very cryptic symbols that few mortals if any really comprehend. Too many times in history have this or that generation declared that “this is the fulfillment”. In fact. it may be that it was fulfilled in the first century. There is much evidence to support this. I am no longer sure, and I say that with all sincerity.

    No, the USA is not a good actor on the world stage, neither are these “jews” who are not Jews who run the modern state of Israel.

    Nothing is as it seems, and everything portrayed by the modern media only serves the despotic ends of the overlords who run this world from New York, London, Tel Aviv and the Vatican.

    Wanting this present age to end can very quickly turn to twisting the Word of God into anything that makes this so.

    This is not a sincere, humble, spiritual response to the times we live in; it is a mortal response. And it is dangerous to be so dogmatic about matters that can impact many believers in a fearful way. I know because I use to do precisely that; may the Lord forgive me.

    • appolus said

      Hi brother, most folks I know have sincerely held belief’s about most things actually. I am sure you are very convinced in the post you just wrote. There is nothing wrong with holding sincere views and being thoroughly persuaded in one’s position, in fact do we not do that for the Gospel truths themselves? I also know of many genuine saints who are convinced that there will be a pre-trib-rapture, I believe them to be very wrong. As far as the pit opening up and actually witnessing it, I am sure you will agree that the Spirit communicates with His children and shows them things? We should have ears to hear what the Spirit says to the churches should we not? As for causing fear amongst believers, most genuine saints I know believe that the Lord is at the door and that the end of ages approach. We are compelled by Scripture to be ready. Consider the five foolish virgins, they did not ready themselves. God has not given us a Spirit of fear, but of love and of power and a sound mind. Jesus Himself commends us to be able to discern the signs of the times, for we know that a red sky in the morning is a warning, so we can read the skies but not the signs of the times. The saints are readying themselves brother, they are not fearful. Jesus readied Himself in the Garden prior to Calvary and won a great battle there. I know that you know that whether it was Jerimiah or any prophet of old, the things that they shared caused fear and revulsion in the many, but there was a remnant that listened. As it was then, so it ever is when God speaks. The false prophet declares peace, peace ( and might I add prosperity) where there is no peace. Jesus councils through the word and compels us to repent and gain true treasure, refined in the fire. God bless you brother……….bro Frank

      • W.E. Smith said

        Frank –

        I am not questioning this man’s or any man’s sincerity, just the dogmatic, “matter of fact” tone of this writing – “beyond a shadow of a doubt”, and ” I think the only conclusion that we can come to…” and the direct association with ISIS and the narrative of John’s Revelation. He seems convinced (case closed) that the evil that rises at the end is purely from radical Islam. This is after all, what the powers that be want every amerikan to believe, and why so man happy church goers cheer in the pews and praise God when the IDF guns down innocent woman and children and shop keepers.

        • appolus said

          I get that Wayne, that is why I took the time at the beginning to explain that I do not believe that ISIS will be the evil that overtakes the world, but is certainly representative of it. The kind of Barbarism that be-heads children or like Nazis who gassed and burned them in the fires is a glimpse into the bowels of hell. I could easily make an argument that if we go back exactly 100 years from this year, 1914 to now, more people have been killed in wars than all the wars in human history combined. This is a fact. What I can argue is that the bowels of hell have been opened and that they are devouring on a scale never seen in human history. The churches have been invaded by the world and we are heading towards the climax of evil, the pinnacle of evil if you like. Nazis and ISIS and others are but a mere glimpse into what is to come upon humanity, they are setting the stage if you like. Now, Radical Islam is a branch of Satan no doubt, but we shall soon discover, when the atmosphere changes, who will give themselves over to evil and who will stand in that evil day. This who know the Truth shall stand brother. They may not have their eschatology perfect or even close ( who can really claim that?) but those who know the Truth, love the Truth and stand upon the Truth will be led and guided by the Holy Spirit into all Truth, of that I have no doubt and brother Robert will undoubtedly be one of those……………….bro Frank

  4. Elisabeth said

    God is so good!! I am not sure where we are in endtimes, but I am just grateful to be awake and able to notice everything that is going on. Was asleep for so long not knowing, yet under heavy fire from the enemy, not even knowing I was in a war. Blinded from all the smoke and stink of sin I was involved in. Thank you Jesus for dying for me. Those words…… it is finished……… are what gives me peace. I will just be glad when the devil and his demons are thrown into the lake of fire and will be gone for good. Sick of him AND all his demons.

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