A Call To The Remnant

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Thy Will Be Done

Posted by appolus on March 14, 2014

Trust is the foundation of our unconditional relationship with Jesus. Jesus said it in the Garden ” thy will be done,” even although He asked for that cup to be taken from Him. It is so important because without trust and obedience there can be no relationship with God. Just imagine not being able to trust our husbands or our wives, we would have no relationship.It is the same with God and it must be unconditional trust. This mirrors His unconditional love for us. The Word of faith movements and the prosperity teachers urge us to trust in faith and the power of our words to achieve what we desire, yet what does God desire?. Trust and faith and obedience is matured in the crucible of life and its many trials. Jesus is the Way-Not my will but thine be done. And then He set His face, He steadfastly embraced the cross to the Glory of God and the redemption of man. Will you set your face today? Will you simply trust and obey?

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