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A report from our Gathering.

Posted by appolus on March 26, 2014

Below is a report I received from a dear brother and Pastor from California. He is South African but has been living in the States for a decade. He joined us a couple of weeks ago at a gathering we had at a camp-ground in Missouri ( not tents, I am too old for tents) There were about 25 of us from North America, but the backgrounds were much more varied. We had Americans, Canadians, myself from Scotland, South Africa and Sierra Leone. Within this group we had further diverse backgrounds which included those from Baptist backgrounds, Pentecostal, Conservative families, Mennonites and non-denominational. Please read his report below, it echo’s my own thoughts about the gathering and was exactly what we who called this meeting were seeking, praise God……….

Brother Greg from Sermon Index invited me to attend a conference at camp grounds in Missouri during the week of 17 March. I did not know anything about the various participants beforehand except for some communication with Brother Greg and having read most of the Principles book, produced by Gospel Fellowships, the organizers of the conference.

The conference was unlike any other I had ever attended. There was no preaching, no agenda and no program. About 25 brothers and sisters gathered from various parts of the US and Canada with one purpose and that to spend time in communion – communion with the Lord and with one another. The conference was also different in that there was no food! The two days had been set aside as fast days.

From the moment I was collected at the airport to the moment I was dropped off again, for four days there was only one theme – the Lord and His Word. There were no conversations about sport, politics or anything of the world. This was not because there were rules against such things but because each person had only one driving passion – to know, and honor the Lord.

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