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Will you Overcome?

Posted by appolus on March 30, 2014

If I were to simply ask the question ” what does it mean to overcome?” or to be an overcomer, I am sure I would get many different answers. The word ” overcomer,” in the Greek means to “Conquer, to subdue, to prevail and to get the victory.” Now if one is earthly minded and walked with the notion that we have been called to live our best life now, one might believe that to overcome is to have victory over the circumstances of our lives. This may include health issues or wealth issues. So to those who believe in that way, overcoming would mean getting a healing when one is sick. Or, if one is dying then being delivered from death. It could also mean that if one is poor, then by becoming rich one has overcome their poverty.

Now, does God heal? Yes He does. Can He raise a man from his death-bed, or indeed raise the dead? Yes of course. Can he take a poor man, a pauper and raise him up to walk with kings? Yes He can and has often done so. Are any of these formulas whereby God must act? No. God alone chooses who he raises up, whether it is from poverty or from a bed of sickness or a bed of death or even death itself and He does it for His own will and His own good pleasure.

So one can definitely say that all these things can be overcome according to the will of God. Yet that is an entirely different subject, I am interested in the overcomers of the first three chapters of Revelation. Who are they? There are three classic interpretations of who the overcomers are, let me just list them and I want you to think as you read these three versions what you believe. Maybe you have never thought about it before? Overcomers are those who persevere by obedience and are victorious in the face of trials and to whom all the promises of Jesus pertain to, so who are they and will you be one of them? ………… Read the rest of this entry »

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