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I have prepared a place for you-Light shines forth from Darkness

Posted by appolus on March 12, 2014

The video below speaks about the necessity of being in that place that the Lord has prepared for us as the darkness grows ever darker. Light shall shine forth from the darkness to the glory of God……….bro Frank

5 Responses to “I have prepared a place for you-Light shines forth from Darkness”

  1. Excellent truths expressed. May we have the full sense of Christ in us that brings the fruits of the Spirit admidts even great worldly suffering.

    • appolus said

      Yes indeed bro, if the greatest darkness the world has ever seen produced the greatest light the world has ever seen then we who shall be alive and remain just prior to His coming will witness the greatest light since Jesus walked the earth.

  2. a gentle iconoclast said

    thank you, my brother, I needed this.

  3. immo51 said

    Brother Frank,
    Thank you for your reply and sharing this past post with me. Great Holy Spirit-filled message! God Bless you and your family and stay strong my brother in Christ. God is GREAT and what an AWESOME GOD we are privileged to serve. It’s a beautiful experience when one begins to let go of this world and the “man-made” stuff in it and seek the LORD. Praise be to GOD! I love Abraham’s response in Genesis 22:1, “Here I am,” which means much more to me at this point in my walk with our Abba Father than before. Little did Abraham understand the depth of what those three most important words were going to lead him to do, or be willing to do, sacrifice his own son, and the faithfulness those three words produced. May we all be so blessed to answer God’s call with “Here I am”, when God’s Holy Spirit calls us into a deeper intimate relationship with Him. I don’t know where this is all leading to this side of Heaven, but I know with God’s daily personal guidance every day is a day filled with true “joy” that can only be found in the blood of Jesus. Praise be to God!
    Have a blessed day and to God goes the glory!
    In Christ Jesus,

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