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A Spiritual Avalanche is consuming Christendom

Posted by appolus on March 10, 2014

As many of you who visit this site often know, myself and many other voices have been warning now for many years about the great falling away and coming persecution. These elements will serve to separate the sheep from the goats in the last days in which we live. Many know of Steve Hill who just passed away. He had a vision which I would like to share which goes right along with the many voices God has and is raising up in these days. Watch the short video below, I believe it is a word from God to Christendom………………bro Frank

15 Responses to “A Spiritual Avalanche is consuming Christendom”

  1. Leanne said

    Your post is sooo right….My husband and I got sent to a church a few weeks ago just to witness what was going on, and for sure false teaching is rampart…The mainstream churches think worship opens the gate to God but none of them are praying….they are using all there effort to entertain with music and to dance, but no prayer relationship…so sad….they have no idea of the storm coming…..

    • appolus said

      Indeed Leanne, worship begins with how we live, and out of the flow of our lives and who dwells in us flows genuine praise and worship, this is what God inhabits. ………………….. bro Frank

  2. suez62s said

    It all sounds so well and true. But, the thing I have trouble with is he came out of the Brownsville revival!!! That was not at all of God. So, I couldn’t trust this man at all! So sorry! ;( Do you know of that movement? It was a very sad and demonic thing! “They shall fool the very elect if it were possible”!!! 😦

    • appolus said

      I would reject those revivals as not being true revivals Sue. Yet if a man discovers truth, even if it comes shortly before his death, then the truth stands. Steve Hill died yesterday. ……………………..bro Frank

      • suez62 said

        Dear Brother, I would agree whole heartily, but where is the proof that he repented of his false teachings before his death? Maybe he still thought his way was the truth? That is what I am saying? Do you have a article of him repenting before his death? Confessing to the fact he had been way off the deep end, and telling people of his great error? I hope so for his sake, because he led thousands into false deception…:( It’s going to take more than a someone saying they had a vision, to change my mind, as I have seen him in action, on DVDs. I do pray that he repented, but is there proof of it? I guess that is what I am saying, is their proof of his turning around? Had he repented and asked forgiveness for his false teaching? If he did great, but I’d like to see the proof before I just take his vision as being from the Lord! 😦 We are to test the spirits, and what I seen of his before wasn’t of good fruit. So this is why I am leery. I hope you will understand. In Christ, sue

        • appolus said

          HI Sue, for me it is not about him repenting, in fact it is not about him at all. I have heard Jim Baker say some very good things about the prosperity gospel, completely rejecting it. I would have no problem putting a video of Jim on here if he was saying the right thing, does that make sense? Dr Michael Brown has some excellent articles , especially on hyper grace and the rejecting of false teachers, he was very much a part of Brownsville. I have quoted men on here who do not believe as I do, especially in regard to the Holy Spirit. Last point, I was not trying to change anyone’s mind in regard to Steve Hill. What he said about false teaching was spot on. Since you mentioned false deceptions, please mention some for our readers sister so that it is a specific charge. One or two should be enough……………bro Frank

  3. sharon said

    And it is truly sad that a great part of believers are not agreers. (even the demons believe and tremble, agreers walk in the truth)
    Many want a lower level of Christianity than is available to them.
    I think of the verse about ‘as with the priest so with the people’. or ‘and the people love to have it so’
    can’t quote chapter and verse just those words come to mind.
    When a great number of people gather under a speaker in a revival type thing, it excites the senses.
    Taking responsibility for our own spiritual growth and maturity can not be passed off to a pastor or evangelist.
    I have seen this so many times down thru the years, as I suppose you have also. Lazy Christians who are tossed about
    from one gathering to another.

    • appolus said

      You are hitting the nail on the head Sharon. Our relationship with the Lord is primarily just that, ours. It starts there. We must be firmly rooted and grounded in Him and Him alone. The old song says ” if none go with me, still I will follow.” The modern day deification of men, or the age of the personality cult has all but foundered the church on the rocks of apathy and laziness where we abdicate our ” growth,” ( which is no growth at all) to the teachings and personality of mere men. We are living in the age of the great falling away, and only those who are founded upon the solid Rock of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit of the Living God will stand as the waters of false teachings rise and flood all of Christendom………………….bro Frank

      • suez62 said

        That would be very east to do. Just go to YouTube and look up the Brownsville Revival. I’m sure you could see all the demonic things that were going on there. yet they said it was of the Lord Jesus. How sad. Anyone who had anything to do with this so called revival is most defiantly a false teacher, and being used of the devil in a great way to bring deception into the body of Christ. So, when do we go around quoting from false teachers, just because they happen to quote something that seems truthful? That is nothing but a good way to be drawn in? Are we to dismiss their Hersey, and then take from them, things that seem truthful? I have to say, I’m kind of in shock that you would feel this way Brother? Kinda leaves me confused. I know anyone can repent, but we are then to turn away from what ever it was that we repented of. Deception, is very tricky, and it can creep its ugliness into even the tiniest of cracks in our armor! This is one example http://youtu.be/4aix9SlcLrE I guess you would have to do a study and look at several things about this, and the person who brought all this evil into the churches. That would be Rodney Howard Brown!!! I have been reading and watching and knowing about this junk for years! Please watch this Kundalini Warning” by Andrew Strom http://youtu.be/eBpw2oQrvMM And his book about the subject is a much needed read! It isn’t a large book and it is a very easy read, but most enlightening about this sort of Un-bibical garbage. You can get it on Amazon, or maybe from him. It all started in here, from Canada in a Vineyard church, and then filtered down here from people that went up there to “get it” by the transference of the laying on of hands. Then they came down here and transferred it, and on and on. I warn you with tears, this is not from God. Please, please, be careful who you quote and who you listen to! 😦 Be careful! In much love and prayer. sue

        • suez62 said

          Here is another one to watch by the great Man of God David Wilkerson on the subject! http://youtu.be/IrpW6Xctg8Q

        • appolus said

          HI Sister, I think you may be preaching to the choir and missing my point at the same time. None of these men who were involved in any of these so called revivals ever preached about an avalanche of false teachers, and if they awake , even if it is just prior to their deaths, then I would praise God for that. I believe that one of the gifts of the Spirit is self-control, so therefore shaking and barking and so on is not of the Lord and in many of those cases is simply demonic. I also believe that being ” slain in the Spirit,” is not of the Lord either. For the most part I do not consider that to be demonic but simply a soulish fleshly reaction. Of course I do believe in the gifts of the Spirit, as did dear bro David Wilkerson which would include speaking in tongues and so on. Many people consider that of the devil and they, of course, are simply wrong. I have been warning the Pentecostal/charismatics folks since the 90s dear sister, and I do not listen to these men’s sermons and I am in no danger of being caught up in any nonsense sister, but I appreciate your concerns. I actually put a piece on by Jim Baker when he rejected completely the prosperity ” gospel.” Does that mean I was a Jim Baker fan or was propagating his previous false teachings? Certainly not sister. I know Andrew personally and we ministered beside each other in Moriah chapel in Wales , where the Welsh revival of 1904 took place. He and I would be in agreement as to the spirits that inhabit much of what passes for Christianity. Yet he himself would tell you that in places like IHOP, there are many genuine Christians, simply deceived by false teaching. So, if Mike Bickle preached or had a word against all of that, I would certainly use that to possibly reach those who had previously been deceived by him. That would not be an indorsement on my part of him. Does that make sense? ……………..bro Frank

          • suez62 said

            Good to hear. I agree with most of everything you said on that last comment…:-) About the Mike Bickle thing, No, that doesn’t make sense to me…so sorry. 🙂 I must be missing something in the translation. I’m sure it is me…

  4. appolus said

    Well its good to know we agree on almost everything I said, 100% agreement is not a pre-requisite for coming here 🙂 My last point was that Andrew went to IHOP, and has spoken out about so many of the wrong teachings and different kinds of spirits there. But, if he heard Mike Bickle turn around and begin to preach against false prophets and false teachings and so on ( something these guys never do, never not even once) he would be happy about that and publish that. And if he did, it would not be an endorsement of anything that Bickle had previously taught. Okay, that is me done 🙂 ………………….bro Frank

  5. Compliments to you, Brother Frank, for the love you have in your responses and for the fact that you are consumed with God’s truth. I greatly appreciate you and the Spirit of Christ living in you.

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