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He took Captivity Captive

Posted by appolus on February 25, 2014


He took captivity captive
And He set His people free
He came to the lower reaches
Just for you and for me

He ascended above the heavens
Where He gives good gifts to men
He sits at the right hand of Glory
Returned to His Father again

In a triumphant royal procession
In fetters and chains to be found
Those things that once enslaved us
Now find themselves to be bound

Christ the conquering Redeemer
Has conquered all hell and the grave
And now I stand as a free-man
Where once I stood as a slave

To the King be all glory and honor
And the fragrance of His presence abound
May we follow wherever He leads us
By His throne may we ever be found.

2 Responses to “He took Captivity Captive”

  1. a gentle iconoclast said

    Fine and beautiful and true!

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