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Poems and songs from 2013

Posted by appolus on January 17, 2014

Below are the poems and songs I wrote in 2013 all in one place. I pray that they bless you…………..bro Frank



How to keep your soul
From burning in the fire
Sometimes to walk this world
Is to wade through muck and mire

To see what Spirit sees
Would drop man to his knees
And in agony look up
And see Christ drink the cup

All the hell in all the world
Came together in one place
Yet even in the midst of hell
There was love upon His face

If we could see this hell
Then what would be the toll?
Shattered in the night
And forever lose our soul?

Hell is fought by Christ alone
And we can look into His face
And as we look we’ll see it there
Tis mercy and tis grace

If you have been to hell and back
And survived to tell the tale
If you would laugh and love again
You must be found behind the veil

He that conquered death and hell
And broke those deadly chains
Is the one that can deliver us
Despite the awe-full pains


Just to meet you in the darkest night
Sets my soul on fire, it gives me light
To meet you on the highest peak
Is to feed my soul, tis all I seek

Whether high or whether low
Is neither here nor there
For you alone I want to know
I want to see your face so fair

Can a valley be a mountain?
A prison cell a sanctuary?
Can a man in chains and fetters
Claim to be completely free?

There is a freedom wrought by man
He fights and kills to see it done
There is a freedom wrought by God
On Calvary’s battle-field was won

So whether in the darkest night
Or transfiguration on the hill
I’ll walk by faith and not by sight
I shall not run, I shall be still

Be still when all around are crying
Stand fast when all are set to flight
Know the Lord, and in the dying
His presence overcomes the night

Darkness ends and has no power
And Christ outshines the brightest sun
He is our Rock and strong high tower
No more to fight, the battle won.


You welcomed me with open arms
Protected me from many harms
I found in you a warm embrace
I would find this in no other place

It did not matter, the social classes
For you invited the huddled masses
And in a world that was ruled by greed
Yours was a land to plant ones seed

America you took me in
And now my journey could begin
Born and bred in poverty
You opened doors and set me free

Free to flourish, free to love
Free to worship my God above
It mattered not my humble birth
I found in you I had some worth

In my land of birth it was established
Chains of social class to languish
At birth one’s future life was sealed
But you, a level playing field

America your greatness lies
In hearing the huddled masses cries
God honors those who honors them
Who aids the poor and not condemn

Oh sweet land of liberty
Where men came longing to be free
And found within this fabled land
A place where they could surely stand

The solid Rock of God above
Is compassion, mercy, truth and love
And all those things encompassed me
Who came from far across the sea

Oh land where mighty rivers flow
Tis time to choose how you must go
Shall truth alone be your only guide?
Or will cultural winds cast truth aside?

The ancient landmarks guide the way
Shall you break them down and rise and play?
Or turn to God with all your heart?
And stay the course and not depart

I beg you not to take this road
For sin is such a heavy load
It causes men to fall and stumble
And foundations, strong, to surely crumble

You’ll be abandoned, you’ll be alone
To sit upon a golden throne
And when the Christ appears on high
Your gold will not salvation buy

The people of this land must choose
To follow God and not confuse
Their loyalties and where they stand
Beneath your wings and within your hand

There is the narrow path that lies ahead
Follow God or yours instead
I loved you so, you shone so bright
But now you’re faltering in the night

True freedom comes from up above
It’s found within the Father’s love
To find it is to truly live
It was never ever yours to give

Humble yourself before God’s throne
Or you must journey on alone
There will be no fire in the night
The hand of God you cannot fight

For those who live within this land
The time has come to take a stand
Fires and droughts and many disasters
Come to those who try to serve two masters

It’s time to follow God alone
This path will lead you to His throne
The idols must be stripped away
If we shall stand in that evil day

For far too long you have worshiped men
Put them aside and only then
Will you have eyes that will truly see
Just who truly set us free

Lift your eyes, the storm cloud gathers
You will not be saved by your founding fathers
Nor written laws of any kind
Shall give you joy or peace of mind

In Christ alone we’ll make our stand
And in His presence hand in hand
We’ll stand together now as one
Saved by Blood and not by gun

The precious Blood of Calvary
Shed by Christ to set men free
Remnant saints from many nations
From every tribe and populations

America a land so fair
It’s time to turn to Him in prayer
Lift your eyes and lift them higher
The sun will set on your empire

Look to that which shall endure
To all that’s holy, good and pure
And He’ll protect you from many harms
And He would welcome you into His arms


In the shadow of Jerusalem
My Christ He died today
For you and I, He died alone
On the rugged cross He’d stay

He did not die within the walls
He died outside the gate
He died that you and I may live
To make the crooked path straight

He did not die a rich mans death
On Him our sins were cast
A thief on either side of Him
He gave up the Ghost at last

Now into the grave they put our Lord
Where all dead men are placed
Yet this was the mighty Son of God
Whom God Himself would raise

And on the third day He arose
And death had lost its sting
The grave had lost its power
Yet the earth had gained its King

All glory to the King of Kings
All hail Emmanuel
No power on earth could hold Him down
Not even the power of hell

The Lord our God is coming soon
He is coming for His own
And men from every tribe on earth
Shall gather round His throne

Holy, Holy, Holy Lord
Can you hear the angels sing?
All glory to the risen Lamb
All glory to the King


Who needs a candle
When the sun rises in my heart?
For the light of Christ consumes all else
And it quenches every fiery dart

The Lord is a sun and a shield to me
He is the sun and the moon and the stars
All darkness flees before my precious Lord
For He has broken all the iron bars

Gates of bronze, chains and fetters
Opened and broken and swept away
As He hung on the cross and said ” it is finished,”
As He hung on the cross and showed us the way

He arose, He arose He arose triumphant
He calls to His children ” arise with me,”
Come and walk, come and walk in the light of my presence
Come and walk in the light of my victory

I am the Way and the Truth and your Life
No one comes to the Father but by me
Will you come and die and rise again
Will you follow the path to Calvary?

Will you take up your cross and follow your King
Through the fires of hell if you must?
Will the world see in you, something of Him?
Will the world see a child-like trust?

Yeah though you walk through the valley of death
And there is darkness all around
Be of good cheer for your Lord is near
And there is mercy at the throne to be found

Even this darkness is light to Him
And the desert becomes like a river
Your valley of tears will become a door of hope
And you will dwell in His arms forever!


Lord let my flesh be crucified
That thou oh Lord be glorified
When they look at me please let them see
Christ my Lord and Calvary

Forgiveness begins
At the foot of the cross
It was there that I gladly
suffered the loss

Of my life, of my sin
Of all that I am
I was washed in the blood
The blood of the Lamb

So I’ll pick up my cross
And follow this day
The Lord my Redeemer
Who alone is the way

Redeemed by the blood
Refined by the fire
It’s the narrow path
That takes me up higher

Higher and higher
And higher to thee
Because of the blood
That has set me free

I shall humble myself
In the sight of my King
He shall raise me up
With the angels to sing

Glory, glory
Glory to thee
Released from my chains
And gloriously set free

And Christ my King
Is still on the throne
He never leaves nor forsakes me
I am never alone

ONE MORE SETTING SUN (testimony of a former drunk)

Another night’s begun
But it’s just one more setting sun
Maybe whiskey can unlock the door?
And maybe I can feel once more?

Bottles gone and here I am
A tiny trickle in the shadow of a dam
Might as well throw punches at the moon
Cause there aint no tears flowing anytime soon

Time stands still in the middle of the night
When you drink yourself sober it just aint right
Reaching and grasping for something not there
And your mind drifts back to a childhood prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep
Been many years since I could weep
If I should die before I wake
I’d leave no heart behind to break

O Lord I pray my soul to keep
I’m drowning Lord here in the deep
I pray the Lord my soul to take
To stop the pain and the heartache

I cried to the Lord in my despair
O Lord do you really care?
Then I saw me as clear as day
And cried to the Lord ” please look away”

I saw the pain that I had caused
I saw my sins and all my flaws
My heart lit up I could not hide
And something new was born inside

And suddenly the dam it broke
A heard a voice, the Lord He spoke
Come now my child walk in the light
A child of the day and not the might

And now I love the setting sun
I get on my knees and pray to the one
Who came into the darkness to set me free
Who shone His light that I might see.


Who takes care of the grass of the field?
You do Lord we must simply yield
Who takes care of the birds of the sky?
You do Lord for you dwell on high

Dwell in the deepest parts of me
Thank you Lord for setting me free
Free to walk and free to run
Free to fight, the battle won

Free o Lord yes free indeed
Free to fight and free to bleed
Free to walk the pilgrim way
Free to walk with you each day

The Lord’s free man, a servant still
Bonded to thee by my own free will
Willing to live and willing to die
For my Lord and Saviour who dwells on high

Come Lord Jesus, come to me
Give me eyes that can truly see
Your glory and your majesty
And we shall dwell eternally


Fill me up and fill my cup
Fill every part of me
That I would be intimately connected
To the precious olive tree

Fill me with your Love o Lord
And fill me with your praise
That I may walk each day with you
And love would fill my days

Fill me with your mercy Lord
And humble me within
Fill me with forgiveness Lord
And wash away my sin

Fill the deepest parts of me
That no one else can fill
Wash me Lord and clean my hands
And take me up that Hill

Fill me with abundance Lord
That overflows my heart
Fill me with assurance Lord
That you will never part

Fill me now and evermore
To walk until I’m done
To run the race before me Lord
That you’ve already won

And as I take my dying breath
Fill me even then
Then raise me up and fill my cup
That I may praise again


Like a mighty flooding river
That overflows its banks
Flood the deepest parts of me
And fill me up with thanks

With love and grace and mercy Lord
Flood my heart this day
And with your mighty torrents Lord
Wash my sins away

Wash away the boundaries Lord
That speaks to who I am
Redefine me with your love
When you release your mighty dam

Where once there was a quiet creek
Rise up and overflow
May I become a river deep
And may this river ever grow

And everywhere this river goes
That flows from Calvary
Would wash men in your love and grace
Rise up and set men free


I believe the cross is empty
Because He dwells in me
No longer bound and chained by death
Because He set me free

I believe the tomb in empty
Because my heart is full
I believe the Lord He died for me
Hands pierced with nails so cruel

I believe in my Lord and risen King
Because I met Him on the road
He washed me clean, restored my soul
And took from me a heavy load

I know my King is coming soon
I hear His small still voice
Can you hear Him whisper in the wind?
Can you hear above the noise?

People running to and fro
Distraction, they abound!
Much noise is heard throughout the land
The Lord is nowhere to be found

Hush your voices Christendom
Let silence fall like rain
Let the dew of holy reverence
Soak us once again

Our God is vast beyond compare
He dwells in a lofty place
And His children dwell within the veil
And His glory shines upon their face

Seek the Lord in the quiet place
Run from all the noise
And up from the glory of silence
We begin to hear the saints rejoice

And the prophets of Baal make more noise
As they try to bring God down
Yet Gods unmoved by fleshly things
So they do not hear a sound

More drums perhaps, more noise may work?
If we worship all day long?
Perhaps the fire of God will fall
If we sing a louder song?

And still our God He is unmoved
By the sacrifice of Cain
And instead of God we see strange fire
As they make more noise again

Gods remnant children seek His face
And in the desert places bloom
For the bride she knows the Bridegroom comes
And the Lord our God is coming soon!


When all my hope has taken flight
And is carried off into the night
When I have suffered grevious loss
You’ll find me wrapped around the cross

When hopes and dreams have disappeared
And trials come that I had feared
When fire and flood encompass me
I simply cling to Calvary

When heartache seems to overwhelm
And eyes are blind to the heavenly realm
And I am lost in a stormy sea
I simply cling to Calvary

When the enemy comes with all his might
And I am plunged into the darkest night
When the door is locked and there is no key
I simply cling to Calvary

And all at once I see the light
And it vanquishes the darkest night
A hand appears and beckons me
That nail scarred hand of Calvary

And as His hand takes hold of mine
My thoughts and His they do align
And now once more I clearly see
The victory won on Calvary

Oh death where be thy deadly sting?
In light of my almighty King
Oh grave where be thy victory?
Tis swallowed up at Calvary


In light of yet in spite of
The life that you now lead
You are deeply loved by God above
Deeply loved indeed

Who is this God of glory
Who loves you even now?
Despite the fact you turn away
And before His throne refuse to bow

In the depths of all your sinful ways
And in spite of all you’ve done
He stretches out His hand to you
And it points towards His precious Son

See Him there upon the cross
The things He did not have to do
To sacrifice His very life
That He might die instead of you

How is it that you can allow
Someone to die and take your place?
And continue to live the life you lead
And so to spit upon His face

He died and then He rose again
You too must die today
And from the ashes you will rise
To find and walk the narrow way

The arms of God are open wide
To those who come to Him
And in these arms life springs anew
And love is born from deep within


Why is it, in some of my roughest times
I run from You?
Frank my child, I call to you
Will you come to me?

I come to You, I run to You
I’m coming in from the cold
My hands held high, my heart opened wide
Here in your presence with nowhere left to hide

Sometimes life just beats you down
And comes against your very soul
Wave after wave they keep on coming
Surviving one more day becomes your only goal

I come to You, I run to You
I’m coming in from the cold
My hands held high, my heart opened wide
Here in your presence with nowhere left to hide

And so Lord here I am, broken and contrite
So many times that I have missed the mark
And when I’ve fallen short, I have run from you
And when I do I end up in the dark

I come to You, I run to You
I’m coming in from the cold
My hands held high, my heart opened wide
Here in your presence with nowhere left to hide

You have seen my tears, have you seen my tears?
Sometimes it seems that I am all alone
Barely remembering the many days gone by
When I worshiped before Your Holy throne

I come to You, I run to You
I’m coming in from the cold
My hands held high, my heart opened wide
Here in your presence with nowhere left to hide

The rain’s still falling but there’s sunshine in my heart
I am filled with the warmth of your love
The road ahead’s not clear but your love casts out all fear
Of Your presence I can never get enough

I come to You, I run to You
I’m coming in from the cold
My hands held high, my heart opened wide
Here in your presence with nowhere left to hide


How many times should I forgive
Once or twice or seven?
How is it that I should walk
As one whose been forgiven?

You ask me to forgive them Lord
I scream out loud to you
Your asking me to do something
That is impossible to do

For many days and weeks and months
It’s been impossible to sleep
My heart and soul is overwhelmed
By the darkness that I reap

For first when I came into this cave
The darkness was my friend
It caressed me and consoled me
I was not required to bend

How wretched is this place I’m in
This place where I cannot forgive
A place where I am slowly dying
A place for those who cannot live

And then my God He came to me
And found me on the floor
And said ” My child, follow me
You shall not dwell here anymore”

And I cried out ” Lord your asking me
To do something that can’t be done”
And now the darkness overwhelms me
It seems the darkness it has won

“There was never any darker place
Than on dark Calvary
And in the very midst of darkness
It was there I came to set you free”

” I died for those you can’t forgive
And justice now belongs to me
It’s by my Spirit and not your might
And this to you is my guarantee”

” Open up your heart and live
And you shall have the power to forgive
And you will see the battle won
When you can say not my will, but thine be done”

And now the light it floods my soul
I am no longer in my cave
These days are marked by heaven’s light
These days that I forgave

Do you dwell in such a darkness?
Has your days turned into night?
Do you dwell within a prison?
Do you walk without the light?

There is no power within your flesh
To deal with un-forgiveness
In Christ alone you’ll find the power
To truly be a witness.


When the mountain is insurmountable
And there is no way ahead
My mind drifts back to Calvary
Where my Savior died and bled

When all around is darkness
And it seems I’ve lost my way
Your light it shines from heaven
And gives me strength for one more day

When there are tears upon my pillow
And the night has lost its song
I lift my eyes unto the throne
And I see where I belong

I belong here in your presence
You bid me walk on through the door
To stand at the right hand of your glory
Where your blessings are forevermore

And in your presence mountains crumble
And tumble, falling to the sea
As I stand before your glory
Where I shall ever be

The darkness has receded
It fled away from you
The light of heaven shines on me
And the sky above is blue

Your presence dries up all my tears
And in my heart there sings a song
Of the Lord that came and died for me
To whom I now belong



Contrary to hope, in hope I believed
Can a sound mind spring forth from madness?
Can joy return to the heart that grieved
Can laughter replace the sadness?

Can life emerge from a dried up womb
Can we cross a river that rages?
Can Lazarus come forth from a darkened tomb
To bring glory to the God of the ages?

Can the lame man walk and the blind man see
Is there hope to be found for the hopeless?
Can the man who is chained be finally free
Can light overcome the darkness?

I have found hope in Christ alone
He is my Rock and my strong high tower
I have found joy before His throne
By His Spirit not by might nor by power

He dried up the river that I might cross
He gave me sight that I may see
I am found in Him all else is loss
I am no longer bound He has set me free

A garment of praise for a spirit of heaviness
A sound mind that stands upon love
A heart perpetually full of thankfulness
And wisdom that flows down from above

I was held captive and He set me free
I was adrift on a sea of madness
He gave me life and that eternally
He has filled me with joy and gladness

Yes, contrary to hope, in hope I believed
Despite all the mocking and laughter
I will listen to God and not be deceived
And in Him shall live happily ever after.


Dark and silent was the night
That was suddenly filled with a glorious sight
A million angels filled the sky
And my heart of stone began to cry

Oh world in darkness look with joy
Unto you is born a Baby Boy
This Child He came from heaven above
To give us hearts that are filled with Love

And as He cried in the manger born
Then so began a brand new dawn
And the angels sang with all their might
As the shepherds fell down on this holy night

Glory and majesty rained down from on high
As the heavenly angels filled the sky
They sang of the Saviour so tender and mild
They sang of the glories of the heavenly child

Oh world wont you reach out and grasp the King?
And perhaps this night you will hear them sing?
The heavenly angels come down from above
To bathe the world in His heavenly love


As we approach the edge of Glory
the universe itself
it simply has an ending
but of You there is no end

As we step into Your presence
The worlds are all consumed
For you are not contained by all that there is
You’re the Revelation and The Genesis

At the edge of all there is
All the worlds, all the skies, the universe
Is to stand on the shore of Your vastness
And gaze upon a sea that never ends

It’s the beginning of all of You
Simply beyond our comprehension
Yet in an effort to be reconciled
You came to us as a helpless child

Hark the herald angels sing
Unto you this day a child is born
He is the essence of all that there is
Born to be betrayed by a single kiss

Yet a Door was opened
That no power can ever shut
It’s the Door that leads to glory
It is the gospel story

And this Door is found
In the valley with the river of tears
The Hope and the Glory of all mankind
And this Door is your destiny to find

Destiny and Glory stepped down
The finite consumed by the infinite
Now mortal can glimpse immortality
By gazing upon the One who set us free

The Door, the Door, the Door to our heart
Is open and its Glory shines forth
Step through this Door step onto the shore
Of the Sea that goes on forevermore.


Our Lord He came from the glories above
He came to earth with a heart full of love
And choirs of heavenly angels sang
As the bells of upper Hades rang

Oh joyous night Oh Christ divine
A star in heaven, a heavenly sign
For Christ the Lord is born today
He came to show the world the way

He came to set the prisoners free
He came that every eye might see
A light at the end of a tunnel deep
A glorious harvest ready to reap

Consider this babe so innocent and pure
He has come to make your salvation sure
Lift up this child in your heart tonight
Lift up your eyes to a glorious sight

Behold your King is born today
Fall to your knees,worship and pray
For unto you a child is born
Behold the darkness gives way to dawn


I want to rest in the arms of your love
I want to soar with the eagles above
I want to spread my wings
And fly to where the angels sing

I want to lay down in pastures green
I want to go where I’ve never been
To simply rest in the knowledge of you
Is all that I want to do

I want to go to that place of rest
A place of refuge from trial and test
To the mountaintop in the valley so low
That’s the place that I want to go

I want to be found in the depths of you
To fly in the sky above so blue
I want to walk into the Father’s heart
And from there never be apart

You brought light to the darkness in me
You touched me and set me free
Your thoughts of me are beyond measure
This knowledge is my heavenly treasure

I asked for a rose and you gave me a garden
In the depths of my sin you brought me a pardon
And you have forever set me free
And gave me eyes that can truly see.


I am fragile I can be broken
Broken by the words spoken
Can’t you see your words are clawing me apart?
Can’t you see how you’re crushing my heart?

How my heart longed to hear warm words spoken
Full of beauty and light from above
Why didn’t you just reach out and touch me?
And cover me and hold me in love.

The broken child in you
Now breaks the child that you can see
Two broken children collide
Only wanting to be free

I am fragile I can be broken
Broken by the words left unspoken
And this brokenness is now a void in me
That is deeper and wider than the deepest sea

What can fix a broken heart?
And fill this vast expanse in me
What can fill an endless void?
That’s deeper than the deepest sea

So many tears, enough to fill an ocean
Shed by all the children, broken
A Saviour comes and walks upon this sea of tears
He calms the stormy sea and quells the fears

I have come to mend the broken heart
To heal the wounds where you were torn apart
I have come to set the captive free
To dry up every tear that fills the deepest sea

I hold the universe in my hand
I cause the blind to see and the lame to stand
And every star in the heavens, I know them all by name
And I will touch you and you shall never be the same

The words I speak they are life and they are love
I know every sparrow that falls from above
I created the sun and the moon and the rain
I still the stormy seas and I take away the pain

Come and bring your emptiness to me
And I will fill you with a love that’s deeper than the sea
Come all you broken and contrite
And I will heal you and set you free this night

And so I came and took my Saviour’s hand
Out of the pit on the solid Rock I stand
A broken heart replaced and reconciled
Standing whole and new, I am my Father’s child

And every word spoken, they are life to me
Your love and Your kindness, they have set me free
And by thy Spirit my eternity is sealed
And by thy love my broken heart was healed.


In His presence there is joy beyond measure
To feel His touch is heavenly treasure
To rest in the arms of our glorious King
Is to lay down and listen to the angels sing

Your presence lets me walk upon water
Your presence sustains your sons and daughters
In your presence the lions mouth’s shut tight
Your presence brings hope to the darkest night

Oh for the joy of a single touch
I am overwhelmed it is almost too much
In your presence the darkness disappears
In your presence there is a river of tears

And this river it flows from Your throne
From the heart of God to the heart of His own
Time stands still it exists no more
When I am the keeper of the temple door

When I pass through the valley of weeping
I am blessed to find God’s not sleeping
Indeed my tears become pools of blessing
And comfort for those who require refreshing

One day in thy presence is all that it takes
To stand firm in my God when everything shakes
And though trials and temptations often come nightly
No good thing He withholds to those walking uprightly

One day at a time each day in your presence
Reminds me of your beauty, your very essence
Where even the sparrow has found its place
To dwell in the arms of eternal embrace

Oh blessed is the man who trusts in thee
Who has knelt before bloody Calvary
Who night and day and with all of his heart
Seeks to walk with His lord and never apart.

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