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The narrow gate ( part 3) Martin J Collison

Posted by appolus on September 22, 2013


Although we are called to pray for our leaders, and many well-meaning folks may throw this at me at, we also have to take account here of the separate and overarching dynamics which govern the life of the church. These are what I would call “the dictates of God Himself”. In short, it`s His church and we do it His way. When we don`t then judgement is coming. When error continues to abound, there will be a strategic time where He will step in and re-order things. Jesus is King and Priest over His church and one way or another He will have the Bride that He desires. The Spirit of God will not strive with man forever. The power of choice is never taken away and people build for themselves the type of church that is most comfortable to them. Will He put up with this forever? No. He will shake and shift. Everything that can be shaken will be shaken. Every man-made structure and every false teaching that supports them. Right down to the foundations. No one is safe from the judgements of God. Even those who act as if they are something special in these days.

There is a process also now underway which will carry even deeper judgement than the first. I have awaited this process for some time and during my trip to the USA last year I began to see this work start to unfold in some measure. Amid this spiritual landscape, that of the “pseudo-church”, God has begun to release ministers that genuinely seek to carry a truer manifestation of His heart and His words. They have been subject to deep refining in their own lives. They have faced trials and persecution of a type. They have been broken. Humbled by the hand of God. Often, they have been misunderstood and rejected by the denominational and institutionalised church systems. The words they have been given, by mandate from Almighty God, urgently call for surrender and repentance. These words are for the Body of Christ itself. It is a refining word.

Repentance is not even considered the slightest bit necessary within some of the false empires created in these last days. Folks seem to think they have moved beyond it. Their “sainthood” status and their critical role within Gods plans in these days ( only in their own eyes) means they have moved up into the higher realms of diplomatic immunity. Modern day Pharisees inhabit these mass human organisms. Instead of humbly serving the city or wherever they have been placed, they somehow think they are the “special breed” who are going to make the difference. They elevate themselves as “super saints” instead of elevating Christ Himself as the answer. Such groups avoid the actual call of Christ in submitting to the breaking processes which will actually manifest the truer version of Christ the Servant King. Utterly the wrong motivations abound. Humility of a true kind is an endangered species. Many of them try to “call out” a false humility but have no authority to do so because they have never allowed  God to actually break them. They actively run from it.

They have wilfully by-passed the wilderness. A flesh based pride runs rampant through these places and the people are not even aware of it. Young people are trained in these ways by those whom you would hope would know better. Sadly, they don’t. They too are zombies to “the system”. Now we have more than one generation who know virtually nothing of the Cross and the deeper call of consecration and holiness unto the Lord. They have been ensnared by the adversary. When the church walks in this sort of delusion there is only one winner.

Lesson number one for all of us. Our flesh likes comfort and everything in the flesh nature runs contrary to the Spirit. Even when challenged with a truer version of following Christ, many people will still reject the truer version. This is a rejection of Christ. It is a rejection of Him in His fullness. He is the message. The flesh will rise up and cause division. It will rebel against the call of Christ in these days. “Leave us alone” will be the cry….”we like our comfort”. Division will ensue. Therefore, the second judgement will be worse than the first. It is bad enough to be in error, but to be reprimanded and still reject the rebuke is even worse. I genuinely fear for the judgements that are still to come upon the church and those that wilfully resist them.

However, the aforementioned process is not without purpose and is by no means a futile gesture. How can it be when God is ultimately sovereign? No. It is a division brought by God. It is part of the ongoing and ever-deepening sifting and shaking as God seeks those who will be true to the actual call of Christ. This relentless thrashing and refining must take place at the hands of Almighty God. His words will not return to Him void. Those that genuinely come from Him, delivered by His chosen and refined vessels, cannot be ineffective. It is a spiritual and eternal impossibility. They are sharper than any two-edged sword and will cut deep. Soon, they will cut deeper than ever before. These words will reap a harvest. God will sort the wheat from the chaff. The sheep from the goats.

It is those of us who have made a place of comfort for ourselves within the current status quo who have most to lose. Those with vested interests within the current institutionalised church system. God is going to test every single motive of the heart. Even when we may have said the right words. We may have even acted and perhaps left denominational structures and the institutionalised churches. However, the tests will continue. All empires and apostasy will be challenged. It is not enough to leave the bondage and comfort of one church “club” only to go about setting up another for ourselves. No. “God, give us no rest” should be our cry. God is utterly intent on having His church and He will have it His way. I reflect on Ananias and Sapphira. Real people who really died.

This day is approaching. However, those with hungry hearts will receive the words that call forth the truer manifestation of Christ with joy. Those seekers after righteousness within the Body of Christ will delight. They hunger for the words that challenge. The words that call for us to step up to the plate in this late hour. They will be a savour of life and not a savour of death to those that have yearned to be conformed to the image of Christ. God will shrink His church in order to grow it. It is a pruning. A ridding of the old wine-skins and those seekers after only pleasure and blessing. Many will run. Others will say “Hallelujah, His day has come”. Jesus will be the focus. The true Jesus and not the manufactured counterfeit. He will be uplifted.

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  1. “It is those of us who have made a place of comfort for ourselves within the current status quo who have most to lose. ” Amen.
    How we American evangelicals are in need of repentance. http://spurgeonwarquotes.wordpress.com/

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