A Call To The Remnant

Scottish Warriors for Christ- http://www.facebook.com/acalltotheremnant

Prayer call this Evening and every sunday until October for upcoming conference on the coming persecution of the saints.

Posted by appolus on July 22, 2012

Saints, announcing prayer conference call tonight for upcoming Sermon Index conference. Lord willing, Mark Case will lead off call tonight. He will share his heart for upcoming conference. Then we spend tine in prayer.
The time of the call is 9pm EST, 8pm CST, 7pm MST, 6pm PST. U S callers please call in on 209.255.1000. Canadian callers please call in on 559.670.1000. Access code for both calls is 109083#.
Saints, this conference will be dealing with a sobering topic in soon to be dark times for us here in America. This conference needs our prayers. If you feel any leading in your spirit. Please come and pray tonight.

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