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What is the church without a King?

Posted by appolus on June 6, 2012

O Lord your church goes through the motions
It travels many lands and crosses vast oceans
Yet what is a people with no King on the throne?
What is a man if he is all alone?

What is a song without any words?
What’s the point of the sky if there are no birds?
Can the fish in the sea swim without water?
Will the church ever listen to what you have taught her?

And yet you have promised to dwell in your people
You did not promise to dwell beneath a steeple
For the Zion you promised is this place in my heart
This was always your plan, right from the start

With my whole heart I cry out unto thee
I come before you on bended knee
Take this place, take my heart, take all that I am
Fill me with love like the mightiest dam

And with the power of this dam to generate love
Rend the heavens my Lord, flow down from above
And your Kingdom and glory shall ever be
Engulfed in this wonder, eternally

3 Responses to “What is the church without a King?”

  1. kvennarad said

    I have often pondered on this. Every sect that is or ever was makes much of the words ‘Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them’ (Matthew 18:20). But to them, where is he? Sitting on a dais at the front lapping up the praise? Nodding in approval to the prepared words of a sermon? Sitting at the back tapping his foot to the happy-clappy chorus? Checking the details of the ritual to see if it’s performed right? I would say that by and large he stands at the door of every church and every sect, and damn few actually let him in! How many people know what it is to be ‘gathered together’ in his ‘name’. ‘Name’ in the Bible is often used to convey the power of the named. Christ, therefore must be the Gatherer together in the first place; his power must have brought them from their places of individuality to their place of community. Once there they must remain in his power, and how can this be if sermons, orders of service, choruses, and so on are more important to them, or serve as distractions. He must give the sermon, must himself be the sermon spoken in their hearts and minds; he must be the Orderer; he must be the Chorus that is sung in their hearts; he must have all the offices – Healer, Overseer (Bishop), Preacher, Prophet, all of them… including King. Either this must be so or Christianity is nonsense.

    One comment on the poem: you have mixed ‘you’ and ‘thou’, and I’m sorry but it doesn’t work. People often do this, sometimes when they are trying to write in an archaic style, but also sometimes when they are writing religious poetry, as though saying ‘thee’ to God somehow gives a holy ‘ring’ to a line.

    Marie Marshall

    • appolus said

      Hi Marie, thank you for dropping by and taking the time to comment. I have found that God can be in everything and sometimes is, and He can be in none of it which, given the state of the church today, happens frequently. I have tapped my toe and clapped my hands to a chorus and I have heard inspired sermons where the Lord Himself through His Spirit is surely speaking. We certainly agree on the centrality of Jesus. Without the King in the midst of the people you simply have a gathering of people.

      As for thee’s and so on, I think you can see that it simply ryhmes with knee 🙂 I dont try and write in any style, I just write whatever comes out. For the first few years after my conversation I read a King James and happened to love the language and it leaks into my writing I am sure 🙂 …………………Frank

  2. David said

    …That’s My King !!

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