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Prophecy comes out of the desert

Posted by appolus on March 24, 2012

The uniqueness of Christianity is found when they are persecuted. This willingness to lose one’s life, lose one’s reputation, home, family , job , only really comes to the fore when that is tested. Think about the Gospel of John in chapter three. It talks about being born again and the necessity of believing in God and the one that He sent, Jesus His Son. Now that word, believe, is , in my mind, the weakest of all the translated words in the Bible. Its a semantical nightmare trying to chart a course through what most people believe the word ‘ believe,” to mean. In the context of that given word in John, it meant ” to trust with one’s life.” You see, when it was spoken , to ” believe,” in Jesus as the messiah was to be totally and immediately ostracized from the community. It meant the giving up your culture and the religion that you had held for 2000 years. It also meant that Christ came into your life, not semantically, but actually, and behold a new creature stepped forth.

It meant certain persecution and almost certain death. It meant not only your death but the death of your wife and your children. And not only death but so many times it meant death in the arena at the mouths of lions. Now, under all of those circumstances, how many would choose to ” believe,’ Jesus today? Yet, this is what it meant when written.Those who seek to save their lives will lose them,those who lose their lives for His sake will gain eternal life. The giving up of everything that you know, starting with your life is the entrance to the Kingdom of God. When a man comes to God, God knows the heart. How can we know in these modern Christian times who has truly come to know Jesus and who would be and willing to die for the cause of Christ? Well, the life that we lead is the main indicator. The passion of Christ, is this found in the one who claims to believe? Men and woman always talk about their passions, whether it be sports or politics or whatever.

Their love of the Lord. Their all consuming desire to do what pleases Him. Their knowledge of the shortness of this life because they have glimpsed eternity. These brothers and sister exist everywhere. In every corner of every country. In every town and in every village. They may be few in number but there they are and God will pour out His Spirit on His children. He has not abandoned them and there is a plan. Out of the quietness of the 500 years between the temple being destroyed the first time and John the Baptist stepping out of the desert came these words “Behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world.” Prophecy is born in the desert. Whether it is Moses and his 40 years culminating in ” Let ,my people go.” Or Jesus in His 40 days in the desert culminating in ” Father forgive them,”

Prophecy begins in the desert. Whether an actual desert or a desert of the soul, this is where prophecy begins. The desert is the place where the flesh dies. The desert is the place where all of our ambitions die.The only thing that is important in a desert, a place of death, is life. Life must be found. Whether its a burning bush or angels come to minister, life must and will be found when our eyes are fixed on finding the giver of life. Unless He sustains us in this place there will be no ministry. The children of Israel wandered for 40 years in the desert. They were found wanting and they died there, all but two. Just as in the midst of the storm is the place where faith is found,then the desert is the place where life is found. Now this desert that Christendom is caught up in right now, what will the message be on the lips of those who walk out of this desert? What is the word of prophecy that the children of God will speak as they emerge from this desert? “Behold, the Lion of Judah comes.” They be-headed the messenger of the His first coming, they will come against the messengers of His second coming. Yet it will not matter to the messengers, for they faced life or death in the desert and they found life.

They walked out of that desert by the power of the Spirit of God, prepared for ministry for such a time as His coming back. Every Christian that emerges from the desert has and will discover that it is He and He alone that sustains them. When everything was stripped away, they discovered a source of water, the fountain of life, the river that makes glad and they discovered it where no water should exist. Now they have an inexhaustible supply, they always had it but now they know it.

3 Responses to “Prophecy comes out of the desert”

  1. Tim said

    The spirit of Elijah is upon us GLORY TO THE LORD!!!

  2. Tim Shey said

    Amen. Character is always tested in the fire of affliction and tribulation.

    Here is a great quote:

    “God loves you and has a difficult plan for your life.”

    “. . . Suffering is our preparation for ministry in a world of suffering–all manner of suffering: from the trivial irritations of daily life to paralyzing accidents, from family squabbles to church splits, from the ravages of sexual slavery to the countless deaths of innocents at the hands of cruel dictators. This is not a world for shallow people with soft character. It needs tested, toughened disciples who are prepared, like their Lord, to descend into hell to redeem the lost.

    “This is part of what it means to become holy, to be refined by fire. Difficulties and sufferings are God’s form of hazing. Sometimes it gets so hard, we think Him cruel. But He’s only looking for men and women who will keep their cool when things go horribly wrong, a people prepared to dash into burning rooms to rescue those about to be engulfed in flames.”

    –Mark Galli

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