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Prophecy comes out of the desert

Posted by appolus on March 24, 2012

The uniqueness of Christianity is found when they are persecuted. This willingness to lose one’s life, lose one’s reputation, home, family , job , only really comes to the fore when that is tested. Think about the Gospel of John in chapter three. It talks about being born again and the necessity of believing in God and the one that He sent, Jesus His Son. Now that word, believe, is , in my mind, the weakest of all the translated words in the Bible. Its a semantical nightmare trying to chart a course through what most people believe the word ‘ believe,” to mean. In the context of that given word in John, it meant ” to trust with one’s life.” You see, when it was spoken , to ” believe,” in Jesus as the messiah was to be totally and immediately ostracized from the community. It meant the giving up your culture and the religion that you had held for 2000 years. It also meant that Christ came into your life, not semantically, but actually, and behold a new creature stepped forth.

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