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I am rich in the mercies of Jesus

Posted by appolus on February 2, 2012

As many may know, the Lord asked me several months ago to write a poem for every Psalm. This was and is a daunting task. I believe that the Lord asked me to do this last year because last year was one of the toughest years of my Christian walk where I got to walk through the deepest and darkest valley yet. And because of that, the Psalms touched my raw spirit in ways that only the Psalms can. For Christians, victories are won in the depths of the valley and strongholds are broken down. This is where the fight is taken to the enemy. This place is his dark domain. This is a place that we would never voluntarily come to. We would never come to this place willingly. Yet this place is where we see the gates of bronze broken down and the bars of iron cut in two. Below are the last few poems that I have written, I am up to Psalm 114. May they bless you………………

Psalm 110…………….

You sit at the right hand of the Father
You are clothed in majesty
The train of your robe fills the temple
Our High priest forever you shall be

You dwell in the beauty of Holiness
You are clothed in magnificent light
You stand upon grace and mercy
And your throne is an incredible sight

All men shall fall down before you
And every tongue on earth shall confess
That you are Lord to the glory of God
And we shall dwell in your Holiness

You are Commander of the heavenly hosts
And God the Father is your shield
And every king that comes against you
Is destroyed on the battle-field

Psalm 111……..

I will praise my Lord with my whole heart
For you are worthy of all praise
Your righteousness endures forever
And I will worship you all of my days

Holy and awesome is the name of our God
He has redeemed His people by love
Righteousness and justice flows from His throne
And your power flows down from above

Your precepts are sure and stand forever
And to fear you is food for the soul
You are gracious and loving and full of compassion
To follow you is our singular goal

Let me praise you Lord with my whole heart
Glorifying you in all that I do
May I seek you first and the Kingdom of God
May my life be all about you.

Psalm 112………

I am rich in the mercies of Jesus
My wealth is measured by love
I have a fortune in grace and mercy
And my treasure is in the one from above

Righteousness adorns my temple
And forgiveness hangs on the walls
The floors are covered by holiness
And Gods justice fills the halls

All of these treasures are priceless
And in these shall I place my trust
I’ll stand on the one who gave them to me
And all else is but ashes and dust

Psalm 113………..

From this time forth and forevermore
Our Lord is worthy of all praise
Blessed be the name of Christ our King
Into His holiness we all shall gaze

From the rising of the sun to its going down
His name shall be praised forever
His glory is high above the heavens
And His praise shall not end, no never

Who is like unto the Lord our God
He is glorious in majesty
He shall come victoriously in the sky above
And surely every eye shall see

That He rides upon a horse with a crown on His head
And a two-edged sword in His hand
He rides victoriously, this Lion of Judah
He rides all across the land.

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