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Posted by appolus on August 26, 2011

It still makes me weep when I hear the account of the Lewis revival as told by that precious saint, Duncan Campbell. When he speaks of going to the door at 11pm and there being six or seven hundred people, hungry and seeking God, it makes my heart sore. Oh that the people of my homeland would once again seek the living God, oh that He would rend the heavens and step down. Oh that the people of this great land of America would turn their eyes heavenward to see that the true treasures of this life come in our encounters with majesty. May it be so just one more time Lord, just one more time that your name may be glorified not only on the lips of men, but in the hearts of men. Men and women so overcome by His presence that they simply fall to their knees and cry Holy, hardly daring to breath, not daring to move because the King of glory has come in. Open the gates of your heart and the King of glory shall come in.

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