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Mars Hill preacher, Rob Bell, exposed.

Posted by appolus on March 16, 2011

Hi Guys, I very rarely name names or get into that kind of thing, but I want you to watch this video and see, what I believe, will be a central tenet of the great harlot church of the end times.

9 Responses to “Mars Hill preacher, Rob Bell, exposed.”

  1. Nina Stone said

    Not to sound harsh, but this guy, Rob Bell, makes me sick to my stomach. Thanks for sharing this because I was just talking with a friend last night about this very subject – what the harlot church is going to look like. I will be sure to share it with her.

  2. appolus said

    Yes, Nina, its a horrible sign of the times. But we must be prepared to be bold and to walk a lonely walk because there is undoubtedly a seperation going on and to stand fully on the Gospel is going to have a cost for us in the West…………brother Frank

  3. revelationunveiled said

    SEE: http://en.wordpress.com/tag/bible-truths-and-prophecy/

  4. This guy Rob Bell hits it right on the head I think. H’e not saying that we get a pass. He’s just say that there may be more to God Than we think and that Ultimaely God is Just, Fair and Loving. Much of what passes for religion is just the carrot and the stick approach, “Don’t do this or you’ll go to Hell, but if you do this we might let you in heaven.” Who’s the one feeling threatened in this video? Not Rob Bell.

    • appolus said

      God was fair and just on Calvary. There can be no greater justice nor is there any greater mercy than the sacrifice of His only Son. Its what we do with Calvary that determines our eternal destination. God sends no one to hell, people choose. I respect the right of someone to believe, which Rob Bell articualtes in his book, that some can be saved post-mortem. Or that love will win out in the end, meaning, at least from Rob’s perspective, that all are saved because God cannot be a God who would eternally punish. I just simply disagree with it and see it as the continuing slide of Christendom towards Universalism and a Santa Claus God…………..Frank

  5. William said

    Over the past few months, I believe God is revealing that the Bible contains both a Ministry of Righteousness and a Ministry of Death. Those who are his “elect” are of his family. These are his chosen people and shall be made (as living stones) into the temple that will contain the fullness of God for eternity. His elect are those who put their trust in Him alone – and seek God in truth. As the Spirit teaches, these become aware of sin and learn to discern between the holy and the profane. These are the ones who “put themselves to death” and follow God’s will above their own. These are the ones who walk in the Spirit and are made righteous and become one with Jesus. Thus, by faith, the death of Jesus becomes their death.

    Jesus died for sinners. Jesus died for the ungodly. What I believe the Spirit is teaching is that when we are “born” (for we are not yet born) – those who trusted in God’s salvation by faith will be one with Christ – a son of God – part of God’s family. This is the Ministry of Righteousness. Yet, for those who rejected God – it is the actual death of Jesus, the eternal sacrifice of God that saves them. They will not be Sons of God – yet they will be made pure by God’s salvation plan. So it will be that God’s election will stand. For no one will be able to call God unjust for electing one over another to be part of God’s family.

    Like I said, this is what I believe the Spirit has been teaching me over the past few months.

  6. TracyH said

    Yes, we will be alone. We-i speak for myself in particular-have followed wrong gospels, other “christs”, but as we are waking up, we are finding no people with us.

    This man is making a fool of Rob Bell, and rightly so. He speaks without power and authority. He speaks as the scribes with no authority.

  7. Susanne Schuberth (Germany) said

    I have been reading a lot of your articles during the last two days and nights, Frank. And I must say that God clearly confirmed your prophetic ministry to me. Also, your explicit description of how the power of the Holy Spirit was coming upon you – unexpectedly as always – before you have had visions, and the difficulty to return to this-worldly reality afterwards is an observation I can relate to. In His glorious presence any men or things that are created on earth pass from view and, in fact, become a nothingness before their Creator. What is our world which is a mere shadow compared with those heavenly things?

    As for the Rob Bell video above – honestly, I had to bring myself to watch it till the very end. Listening to him made me squirm with spiritual pain; it felt as if a fiery fist would squeeze my inmost parts until I felt nauseated. Talking the way he talks is very confusing, to say the least. Or in other words,

    “Let what you say be simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything more than this comes from evil.” (Mt 5:37)

    It is impossible for any interviewer to nail him down on a clear statement about what he really thinks. In order to not offend anyone some people keep silent and others remain cagey about their true opinion. But everybody has their own opinion, haven’t they?

    • appolus said

      HI Susanne. I am glad that you can relate to the difficulty of living in the world that we can see after having glimpsed the world that we cannot. It is a mere shadow indeed compared to the glories of heaven. It ruins you for the things of this world, which is a mixed blessing, a two-edged sword until the day that we glimpse Him no longer and that glimpse, these moments, become eternity itself. Yes, the Rob Bell video is painful to watch. The pillars of truth are being hacked at and it is only the beginning. I had a vision one time of how Christendom had been invaded by the vandals and they were destroying everything beautiful. Yet God has His remnant children and their light shall only grow stronger as the days grow darker. This of course shall bring the attention of the evil one in a greater degree upon the children of God. He desires to snuff out all light and through his anti-christ he will attempt to do just that before the Lord returns. Yet the Holy Spirit shall be given in greater measure in those days to His children because His grace is sufficient to see us through any and all situations. God bless you Susanne…………………bro Frank

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