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A Word from the Lord-from a sister in Scotland (2011)

Posted by appolus on March 1, 2011

The desert sand is shifting, the mountain rocks are melting, the sea-beds are deepening, the whole earth is groaning and travailing and man sets his targets on change.My people, set your focus on Me, for I will set My Son upon the clouds and He will come as the fulfilment of all things.

Below is a word from the Lord given by a sister from Scotland last June. My spirit witnesses with this word……..brother Frank

“There is a shifting of opinion and a turning away from My Truth. Many are being drawn into deception through their hunger to search into deep things. Things which appeal and lure but the end therein is death. Choose My ways. Choose My Truth. Choose My path. By My Spirit I will lead you into all Truth. I will demonstrate My Truth through My people in ways that will truly glorify My Name. I will have a people who are alive by My Spirit and quickened in perception like a well honed instrument. A people who will show forth Who I am. I will keep them from the deception that is creeping upon the whole earth. I will lift them above the tide of evil. I will walk with them and uphold them. I will speak into their hearts. I will cause My people to unite by My Spirit. There will be a coming together but not by man`s doing. I will bring the outcast of My people to sit at my table which I am preparing in your midst. I will gather together as one all who call upon My Name from pure hearts. All who are known by Me. There will be many who think of Me by tradition and deny My living Spirit.

I hear the speeches made by dignitaries and those in authority who mingle pleasant words drawn from stagnant cisterns, in their endeavours to establish a false hope. Their hearts are vain repetition carrying forth orations borne not by My Spirit. I see the net being cast upon My people with their new laws and edicts that would endeavour to confine, restrict and silence My Spirit. These endeavours of the ungodly against My people will be as nothing. Is there one who is able to silence the wind or to stay its course with a word? The wind blows where it will and though you hear its sound, yet you neither know where it comes from nor where it goes. So it is with every one who is born of the Spirit.

Do they not know that it is by My Spirit that the heavens and earth are spread in order – things seen and unseen? The Word of My power establishes Who I am. I will demonstrate through My people that I am the living God. By My Spirit I will build where demolition and desolation have been wrought. I will rage against the threatening voices that would instil fear and confusion in My People.

Seek Me with all of your heart, My people, for I desire that you will know your God and do great exploits.The desert sand is shifting, the mountain rocks are melting, the sea-beds are deepening, the whole earth is groaning and travailing and man sets his targets on change.My people, set your focus on Me, for I will set My Son upon the clouds and He will come as the fulfilment of all things.

Seek Me above all the tumult and change. Seek Me above all. Seek Me with your entirety. I will be found of you and I will sustain you through the tempest. I will work My works through My people whom I am building into a living Body and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.”

3 Responses to “A Word from the Lord-from a sister in Scotland (2011)”

  1. Cecilie said

    The fear of the Lord need to be established deeply in our hearts, not only the “cozy” God loves and understands… My spirit witnesses with this word too… GBU

  2. Robert Taylor said

    Brother Frank….This is a true prophesey from God. What the sister has said lines up with what is happening in the world today. The scripture says that, “The Lord will do nothing, except he reveal it to his servants the prophets” Amos 3:7. There is much flim flam prophsey bombarding us from every side in this day we are living in, but the true word of YAHWEH our God is still going forth, and i am fully persuaded that his true people will recognize the voice of thier Shepherd when they hear it. There is not a doubt in my mind about that. Good word brother.

  3. evegerb@yahoo.com said

    Want to enforce this sisters word through a vision about a year ago:
    ‘I saw myself standing in a pitch dark place. As my eyes adjusted a bit to this darkness, I realized that this place must have been a huge, huge dumping site which was burnt down and totally flattened through a steamroller. I realized this because I smelled strong sulfur in the air and saw all over still little flames smoldering through the cracks of the pitch black surface. There was nothing left which was not burnt and flattened in this inferno, not even a little spellt or button. Suddenly to my astonishment, I saw a book lying upside down not far away from me. Intrigued I walked towards it and as I bent down to pick it up I read: ‘My Utmost for His Highest’ (like the Oswald Chambers book). At that moment I knew that God is dealing with the world and His Church in a parallel manner because He is pointing seriously to the end. He will burn (through) -(Judgements must come so that the people (nationes) learn righteousness. Jeremia) the world, which cannot dump more evil than already is on it, and He will burn His Church through those same shakings until He has all His gold, silver and precious stones in His pocket and that means the Churches Utmost. This burning can be felt through it’s increasing rhythm.
    Eveline Gerber

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