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The better angels of our nature

Posted by appolus on November 7, 2018

Very interesting night last night. As a long time observer of politics, the only historic thing that happened last night was that the GOP held the senate and actually gained seats. The average loss for the party in power in a midterm is 33 seats. Right now the Democrats looked like the may gain the average, but may not, so certainly no blue wave.

Most of the seats gained by the Democrats were gained by narrow margins from Republicans. What does that mean? Well, it modifies behavior. This is why CNN and others are very subdued this morning. These politicians of both stripes now have an opportunity to actually do something for the country. They could come together and have a huge infrastructure bill, they could come together and take on big Pharma. Will they? Sadly I do not believe so.

Thirst for revenge is a very basic human emotion. Hatred for your enemies rather than love for your country almost always wins out because there is nothing more worldly than politics. It typically represents everything that is bad about us a human beings. It is a platform to highlight our weaknesses not our strengths. In short, it is representative of the dark side of who we are.

It is not a place where the better angels of our natures dwell, quite the opposite, it is a place where the darker demons of our natures are highlighted. I love God so much because He is above the fray. His ways are higher than our ways. His path is a path of light and leads to love and peace and forgiveness. The enemy of our souls path is one of darkness that leads to hate and anxiety and division. We saints are called to walk on the narrow path of light. Lets do that saints.

5 Responses to “The better angels of our nature”

  1. Robert Taylor said

    Brother Frank….I just got back from a mission outreach trip, and I am going back out tomorrow, so I will make a quick comment on this article, and hope to get to some of your past articles as soon as I get caught up here. I was disappointed in the outcome of the election. I was hoping for a total wipeout for the democrats, but it looks like it is merely going to be politics as usual. You nailed it for us in todays article, “walk the narrow path of light”. We as Remnant Christians, need to keep that advise in the front of our minds constantly in the dark days ahead that we are heading into. Let Caesar have what is Caesars, and let us walk the narrow path of light, and not get caught up in politics. You got it right with the statement, “there is nothing more worldly than politics.” Good article brother Frank.

    • appolus said

      God bless you bro Robert, you are right, give to Caesar what is his and to God what is His…………………….bro Frank

  2. Prayergate said

    Neither was it the “Red Tsunami” that the NAR pseudo-prophets had been falsely proclaiming for the past couple of years. We need to be aware that there’s not only deception outside the camp, but inside as well.

    • appolus said

      So many false prophets who are actually motivated by their own political leanings. Wishful thinking is not prophecy and self proclaimed prophets in our day are almost exclusively not………………bro Frank

  3. Elias said


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