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Faith is the antidote to fear!

Posted by appolus on April 27, 2017

3 Responses to “Faith is the antidote to fear!”

  1. Robert Taylor said

    Hello brother Frank. I would like to translate this one to Spanish with your permission. This is the very right word She said that one drug cartel from another state tried to move in and kick the cartel out that has been in that part of Mexico for many years. A huge gun battle broke out, and it was so close to the church that the people in the church were running and hiding. After the shooting was over there were 100 bodies laying on the ground. Then the news here is reporting that there are two thousand people a month being killed right now. To say the least, the people in our church in Chihuahua are scared, but as you pointed out so well in your article, this is an excellent opportunity for the saints there to let their light shine in this dark and dreadful place. Pray for Mexico brother Frank, pray for the peace of Jerusalem . Blessings from Mexico brother………Robert

  2. Robert Taylor said

    I don,t know what happened brother Frank, but part of my comment came up missing after I posted it. The problem is with this WI FI service here in this part of Mexico. The part missing should read,” This is the very right word for this time here in Mexico. A friend of ours called from one of our churches in Chihuahua a couple of days ago” I don,t know if you can fix it or not, if not, maybe this second comment will explain the error to anyone reading…….Robert

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