A Call To The Remnant

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I reckon it to be so

Posted by appolus on September 24, 2016

When you reckon the words of the Lord to be true, when you believe what He says about you, when you begin to walk in that knowledge, when you combine that with the presence of God and the ability to come before the throne of grace, then you are changed from glory to glory. You mind is transformed, your intellect is enlarged, your wisdom flows from God, people are amazed at your walk, especially if you’re an unlearned man and they wonder how that all happened. They see a former broken man, a man from a broken background, a man from a generationally broken background and they see a new creature in Christ. Not a perfect man but a man who walks in the light of heaven. Who walks in the shadow of the Almighty, who now walks down the narrow path having been taken from the broad path of destruction and they cannot help but wonder and say to themselves ” surely there must be a God.”

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