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He is my mast

Posted by appolus on November 5, 2015

The storm is raging all around
You are going to be swept away
Each wave knocks you to the ground
You won’t see the light of another day

In that desperate moment when all is lost
You lash yourself to the mast
If this ship goes down you’re going down
To this ship you have tied yourself fast

Who will you cling to when all is lost
Who is your solid ground
Who sticks closer than a brother to you
When no one else can be found

Who is a Father to the fatherless
Who gladly took your place
Who comforts you when no one’s around
Who has amazing grace?

In Christ our King we stand or fall
To you and I He’s all in all
In every dark and stormy night
He gives us strength to stand and fight

He is the Mast that we tie ourselves to
He is the air that we breathe
He is the ground beneath our feet
He is the Reward we receive

Jesus Christ is the Lord of all
He will catch us when we fall
We rise each day our course is charted
And He will finish what He has started

Take hope my child I stand with you
And I will lead and guide you through
And you shall never be destroyed
In fact in me you’ll be overjoyed

For I make beauty from the ashes
I light the night with lightning flashes
I shake the earth and still the waves
I am your God the one who saves.

2 Responses to “He is my mast”

  1. Viviana said

    I love this poem, is what I need to grasp every second of the day. The storm is strong right now, been for a long time and today another big wave heat the mast. It’s hard steering with waves from all sides, I have to run to the muster station and live God in the wheelhouse, I can’t do it right now, he will.

    • appolus said

      Thank you sister, just wrote it yesterday. I am in the middle of a long running storm which other storms have collided with in the past few years. God is my hope and my sanity…………..bro Frank

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