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Life from death!

Posted by appolus on September 22, 2015

I have thought a lot about death in the last few weeks with the passing of my sister. I have contemplated the promises we as Christians stand upon, the truths that light our way through the often treacherous waters of this life. Life itself with all its many joys and laughter and also with its many heavy burdens is an exceedingly rich complicated tapestry. It is tightly spun on the looms of the ages. Certainly we are here today and we are gone tomorrow. The Scriptures tell us that our life, in the span of time and space, is like a vapor.

This world is definitely for the living and once someone passes they move on into a different realm in our minds. I wrote a poem about memories one time. I was not to kind to them, for they are at best, a second best ethereal realm. The period of mourning seems to be the transition from something that the soul can touch and see and hear to something that is all at once gone and the senses realize it can never interact with again.

And so its a relegation. Relegated into a wispy ever decreasing world. I think this is where my faith in a very real after world brings me great hope. It transforms what I just spoke about into something much more glorious than a slowly dying memory. The notion that she is more truly alive now than she ever was, is for me, truly astounding and she dwells in a place where there are no more tears and pain. And so that begins to work on my sadness and rather than something that is slowly dying in the recesses of my mind, something is born. This place is the wellspring of hope that does not slowly fade but becomes stronger the more we ourselves approach our own deaths.

What would we do without Jesus? He never leaves us and surrounds us with comfort and love and kindness. Out of death comes life and that life is the breath of the Spirit. I am more convinced than ever, with the passing of my sister, the shortness of this life and the importance of loving God and loving others and being unashamed of the One who is our very life even in the midst of death.

Jesus asks Martha pointedly in John 11 ” Do you believe this?.” Believe what? “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live. And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die. Do you believe this?” It is a question that strikes at the heart of mankind. Jesus then says to Martha’s sister Mary “”Did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God?”

In the midst of my sister’s death I have seen something of the glory of God and in the seeing of it, it has raised me up in Spirit and newness of life. It makes me desire all the more to reach out my hand and take a hold of His glory and His glory is Jesus. And in the glory of God there beats the heart and wellspring of all life and it restores me and strengthens me. It sustains me in the deepest parts of who I am and it gives me the hope to know that one day I will reach out my hand as I pass from this world to the next. I will reach out and take a hold of glory and that glory will fully grasp me and take me to its realm. And there my eyes will see and know as I am known and I will rest in the glory of God.

10 Responses to “Life from death!”

  1. Dick Olson said

    Your recent loss has taken on new meaning for me as quite unexpectedly my sister and only sibling was found dead in her Condo this past week exactly 3 months from the death of my 101 year old Mother. I expected someone 101 to be at their journeys end but not my sister who was 73. With my Mother I knew of her faith and it was an encouragement for me to know she wanted to go be with the Lord, but with my sister, while a good person and wonderful Mother to her children and grandchildren I have no idea where she stood. If she had a faith it was not evident or expressed in any discernible manner. While our losses are similar I suspect closure is different. Continue to receive so much from your ministry. God Bless

    • suez62 said

      Dick Olson, so terribly sorry for your loss also. I can’t imagine what you are feeling, as I was never blessed with a sibling. All I can say, is that the Lord for the years you had together!

    • appolus said

      Oh Dick, I am so sorry to hear of your double loss. I have both my parents who are 75 and so I can only imagine what it is to lose a parent. Your sisters loss seems to be more profound as she was only 73 and her death was unexpected. My heart mourns with your heart over your loss. I would have to agree with your last statement about closure being different. Having the assurance from God that my sister was saved and is in the arms of our Lord is huge and it cannot be underestimated. I think if we lose a loved one and ae not sure of their salvation then ultimately we just have to leave that with God. My grandmother who was a very lovely woman, died at the age of 60, dropped dead. Now, a year before this, one of her sons, my uncle, felt very led to compel his mother to come to Jesus. She rejected this by saying that she was fine, she was a good person and had never harmed anyone. My uncle was obviously sad that she rejected this, which turned out to be her last opportunity, to come to Jesus. Less than a year later she died. Now, while not 100% certain about anything other than Jesus, I have to assume that my grandmother did not go to heaven. This is a difficult thing to even imagine, but what has to prevail ultimately is the truth and our love for it. Jesus said to a man one time that he was to let the dead bury the dead and come follow Him. And I think, while mourning is a very natural human process, we must simply get up and follow Jesus the one who ultimately knows all things. When we share with folks about Jesus, we often say something along the lines that today is the day of our salvation for tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone. The death of our sisters, the unexpected deaths of our sisters brings that in to sharp reality, your sister being 73 and mine being 52. Let us mourn together as brothers Dick, brothers in the Lord and brothers to our sisters, for our own loss and let us rise up again and follow Jesus, the only thing that makes sense in a sinful and dying world. I love you brother and I pray Gods comfort and wisdom would flow down like a river and flood your soul…………..bro Frank

      • Dick Olson said

        Thanks so much for your kind words and the heart behind them. Your words, ‘ what has to prevail ultimately is the truth and our love for it,’ is a timely and comforting word in this hour. May we rest in the fact that He is that very truth. May you know His peace in the days ahead. Blessings-

  2. suez62 said

    Amen Bro. Frank. Thank be to God that we have a hope to once again to be with our loved ones. It won’t be the same, I don’t know how it will be, but I’m sure it will be even better. I have a question to anyone that has been around a lot of people when they die. I’m asking because I’ve been troubled by something. I had a dear sister in the Lord, one of my best friends pass on in March of this year. The day before she died I was there to see her, and I was reading the bible to her. I looked over to see if her eyes were open, thinking if they were shut she may be asleep. In doing so, I seen that her eye balls seemed black as coal! I was really taken back, as she didn’t even have brown eyes, let alone black eyes. I knew I had seen this in the spirit. I have even questioned, did I really see that, then why? She died the next morning before I could get up to see her again. She had been a Born Again Christian for over 50 years, and always was quite vocal about it to everyone. Always trying to share about Jesus and salvation. Why would I see her eyes black? I know she was listening to some preachers on TV. that I would not listen to, but, since she could only lay around, it was about all she had to do. Plus I’m the only one who ever went to see her. Can anyone offer something on this, I would appreciate it. I’m really having a time with this. Sincerely, sue

    • appolus said

      Hi Sue, death is such a strange thing and ultimately of course these bodies are nothing more than tents that house our spirits. They come from the earth and they return to the earth and when we are raised we will not be raised with these bodies. We put a small seed into the ground and some beautiful flower or plant or tree emerges, completely and radically different than what was put into the earth. So, I have no difficulty in believing that you saw something in your sister in Christ’s eye that may have indicated that death was near. Yet, the most important aspect of your story is that your friend was well saved and now rests in the arms of our Lord. I would focus on this if it were me and rejoice in her salvation and her having reached her ultimate destination. God bless you Sue………………bro Frank

  3. suez62 said

    Oh, sorry, could I have been seeing a spirit of death? Or what???

  4. Dear brother. I remember watching my dad breathe his last breath and then there was eternal silence from him on this planet. I found it quite a spiritual and holy moment as he left the confines of earth and stepped on into glory that I cannot imagine, where your sister is now. I thank you for sharing your experience so courageously and with the life of Christ in you.

    • appolus said

      My parents were with my sister when she passed over Donns. She opened her amidst difficult breathing and said ” Mammy.” It was such a comfort for my mum to be there when she passed. I imagine that you would feel the same. Yes, a very spiritual moment for the passing from this world to the next. Yet for many, it would be a very different experience. The eternal destination of a soul makes such a difference to the passing away experience. Sorry that you lost your dad Donna but glad he is in glory…….bro Frank

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