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The reward of heaven is the appreciation of Glory

Posted by appolus on September 24, 2014

Imagine if you will a table with two identical slices of bread. Two men come to the table and sit. One man has not eaten for days. The other is reasonably well fed. They both eat their slice of bread. The man who has not eaten for days is enraptured by his slice of bread. It satisfies him in ways he never thought possible because of his hunger. The other man enjoys his slice of bread. Both are fed.

There are two men. One married, the other is a single man who has never even kissed a woman. The married man kisses his wife’s neck and she smiles as does he. The single man kisses a woman’s neck and every part of him is alive. Now, in both these scenarios the object is the same, a slice of bread, a single kiss, but the reactions, based on the conditions of the recipients are totally different.

In heaven there is a reward for the faithful of God. There is one God and one glory and all participate in the worship and the glory of God. To those who suffered much in this life this reward is appreciated on levels that others could only imagine. God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Are you suffering now for the cause of Christ? Your reward is coming brother. Have you had much trouble in this life? Your reward is coming sister. When Christ appears as a flaming sword it will as a tremendous beacon of light to one and a consuming fire to another. In heaven the glories of God will be to all a marvelous wonder, the object being the same. Yet for those who gladly suffered for His sake, for those who were hungry for His sake, for those who were naked for His sake, for those who were despised and rejected for His sake, that object will be all the more glorious. There is perfect justice before the throne of God.

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