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Are you an Overmountain man?

Posted by appolus on August 9, 2011

Will you stand in the evil day brothers and sisters? Have you forged your own independence from the world? Are you wholly dependent upon the Lord? Will you run to the enemy when he challenges the people of God? Now is the time to be forged in the fire, to be purified, to be purged of the dross of this world. For if this world has a place in your heart, when the letter comes that demands that you lay down and submit to the gods of this world, you surely will.

Who were the overmountain men? The over mountain men were mostly Scots-Irish settlers who had come to place like Northwestern Tennessee and Southwestern Virginia. They were called overmountain men because they had settled west, just up and over the Appalachians, which was the boundary that separated the thirteen colonies from what was then the western frontier. These men declared their independence before the patriots did, buying land from the Indians and then fighting with them for almost 20 years to establish their communities in the wilds of the frontier, beyond the influence of the British. It was called the independent Washington District.

In 1780 the situation for General Washington and the patriots looked very grim. After the British general Charles Cornwallis won a decisive victory at the battle of Camden, he sent Major Patrick Ferguson into the mountains to clear out patriot irregulars and some overmountain men who had fought with them, and to protect loyalists in that area. One of the leaders of the irregulars was a man named McDowell. He had fought alongside some of the overmountain men, but they had returned to the Western side of the Appalachians. When Major Ferguson came with his troops, he quickly overcame McDowell’s irregulars and McDowell was forced to flee over the mountains to the overmountain men and the relative safety of the wild frontier.

One of the men that Major Ferguson had captured was a man by the name of Samuel Phillips. He was sent to the overmountain men with a message from the Major. The summary of the message was as follows ” Lay down your arms or I will march my army over the mountains, hang your leaders and lay waste to your country with fire and sword.” Now, this was no idle threat. There had been many atrocities carried out by the British along these frontier lines. The response to the letter was entirely different than you may expect. With the patriots facing defeat and routed on many fronts, one would not have blamed the overmountain men if they had indeed laid down their arms and tried to make some kind of deal with the British and gain some concessions from them. Yet these men were made of different stuff. They called a meeting of their many communities and decided to raise up a force. Now one could have expected that the force raised would be a force that would defend their communities and their way of life, but the overmountain men had no intention of defending anything. In a counter-intuitive move, they raised a force of about one thousand men and set off to go up and over the mountains and to engage their enemy.

And that is exactly what they did. They marched up and over the mountains and finally caught up with their enemies in a place called, of all names, Kings Mountain. The British had dug in on the top of this mountain with a force of similar size, just over one thousand. They were evenly matched in numbers, but they had highly trained soldiers and they held the high ground. In fact, so confident was Major Ferguson in his position that he declared that ” only God could get him off that mountain.” Yet, in just a few short hours, one hundred and sixty five British soldiers lay dead, another one hundred and sixty three were so severely wounded that they were left to die on the mountain and six hundred and ninety eight were captured. Among the dead was the infamous Major Ferguson. God indeed had taken him off the mountain in death. The overmoutain men lost twenty five men. Nine of the captured solider’s were later hung for atrocities committed.

Now this story serves as a metaphor. How should Christians respond to threats today? Should we shrink away and cower at the threats of the enemy. Should we try and compromise with the enemy? Are some things worth fighting and dying for? Consider what the overmountain men had already established prior to the great threat coming. They had went up and over the mountains, away from the established colonies and had established their own colony. They had to fight and pay for everything that they had. While they were somewhat friendly to the patriots, they had definitely been separate from the colonists prior to the war of independence. In a time of their greatest need, the patriots were able to call upon and fall back to the overmountain men who used their considerable skills and bravery in helping defeat an enemy who was hell bent on destroying and swallowing up men into their system.

There are overmountain men today. There is a great tide of evil coming that will spew out threatening’s against Gods people. And yet God has a people that He has established and strengthened in the fires of affliction. He has separated a people from the system of the world and called them to Himself. A people who love God and Him alone with their whole hearts. They have been hardened and tempered to the things of this world by trial and by affliction. They come from every walk of life, every traditional background. The Body of Christ is shortly to face its greatest test. Indeed the Word of God tells us that there is such a time coming, that if it were possible, even the very elect would be deceived and for the elects sake God will shorten those days.

Will you stand in the evil day brothers and sisters? Have you forged your own independence from the world? Are you wholly dependent upon the Lord? Will you run to the enemy when he challenges the people of God? Now is the time to be forged in the fire, to be purified, to be purged of the dross of this world. For if this world has a place in your heart, when the letter comes that demands that you lay down and submit to the gods of this world, you surely will.

The overmountain men had already established their place by trial and by blood, so they were hardened and ready when the enemy would come in like a flood. Are you truly ready brothers and sisters to stand in the evil day that is almost upon us? Its time to take up the armor of the Lord. For our battles are not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, against the worlds rulers and the darkness of this age , against spiritual wickedness in high places. So let us take on Truth and put on the breastplate of righteousness. Let us walk in the Gospel of peace and shield ourselves from the enemies blows by our faith in God alone. And always remember that we have salvation in Christ Jesus that can never be taken from us and the Word of God that delivers and defeats all of our enemies as we walk in the Spirit. 

2 Responses to “Are you an Overmountain man?”

  1. Robert Taylor said

    Hello brother Frank……I want to make a short comment on this excellent article while i have a short break in my schedule. I would like to bring out another point about the “overmountian men”. To most people they were merely refered to as “frontiersmen”. Two of those over the mountian frontiersmen that are in the rich history of my own state of Kentucky, were Simon Kenton, and Daniel Boone. Simon Kenton settled the northern part of Kentucky, while Daniel Boone settled the southern half of the state. The reason that these men were able to defeat the hostile tribes of indians, and acomplish the incredible things that they did, was simply because they “went over the mountians” into the wild uncharted territories of the western lands, and became better woodsmen than the indians themselves. They applied themselves to thier task, and learned those dark woods much better than the indians thenselves who was born and raised there, and with that knowledge in thier heads they carried the battle to the indians. They didn´t sit up a defensive position, they were constantly on the offensive. They became so knowledgeable in the ways of the indians that they were able to outsmart the enemy at every turn.
    That is also a metahpor for this last day generation of christians brother Frank. Become smarter that the devil himself. Check him at ever turn. Become such an accomplished “over the mountian man” that the devil can´t stero type you and figure you out to the point to where he knows exactly how to come against you. Keep him guessing. If your wife or children gets you to the point that you blow your top, don´t let the devil know that, keep it to yourself. In other words, don´t blow your top. Don´t fight the devil with your emotions, fight him with your intelligence. That is how the overthe mountian men won the wild frontier, they became smarter than thier enemy. Blessings from mexico brother Frank. Wish i could visit more, but got to run…..Robert

  2. appolus said

    Great points brother Robert, its like we have a similiar heart 🙂 (of course we do) Anytime you build a defensive structure, it becomes the focal point of the enemy. This could be forts or castles or the maginot line. When the Lord allowed the temple to be overturned, stone by stone, He took mens eyes of structures and made the men themselves the structure. We are stones in the Temple of the Holy Spirit. And the master mason, the builder of the house, takes his hammer and chisel and rightly shapes us that we may fit exactly. If a man erects his own structures and it is his strength, then other men can come and take it or destroy it. What the Lord is building in His people cannot be taken and has eternal purpose, for the Lord does not build in vain……….brother Frank

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