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Are you a Starved Christian who has never experienced the Glory of God?

Posted by appolus on December 12, 2009

“Were a starved generation that has never seen the glory of God. We have men and woman in their 20s and 30s who have neve seen the glory of God. They’re Christians, they’re in Bible schools, but they have never seen the glory of God. They have never known what it is to be in a service where the presence of God is so awe-inspiring that you cant speak aloud.

They have never heard God preached about so high and lifted up that they went home in silence and would’nt talk. When A.B.Simpson preached in Buffalo, New York, he preached on the glory of Jesus Christ and when he was finished , they dismissed the meeting and no one got out of their seats. They sat there because they were afraid to get up and walk around in the presence of God. But a whole generation of young people have never seen anything like that. “Oh God restore thy glory by whomsoever thout wilt restore thy glory.” (Tozer,Fellowship of the Burning Heart)

Tozer was writing about the problem of the age. Can I suggest that it is a deeper problem today. The departed presence of the Living God from His Temple is now almost complete. The stage is set. Perhaps you are a young person who has never experienced what Tozer was writing about? Perhaps you are a not so young person who has never experienced what Tozer was writing about? The new wineskin is coming.

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