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Why Did Senator Obama Win?

Posted by appolus on November 5, 2008

I wrote the piece below last February. Perhaps this election has taught the American Christians something, I hope so. When all is said and done, this world needs hope. In a world of ever increasing darkness, there is a more desparate need for light. Like a moth to a flame, people will reach out in time of need. And if the Church, the Royal Priesthood ,is not shining the light of Christ, which represents true hope, a blessed hope, then the world will look to itself to find it. Unfortunately, no man can give the world or America what it needs, unless it is the Man, Christ Jesus. So when the glory of the election victory fades for the majority, and as the coming years progress and the world goes deepr into trouble, let us pray that the Body of Christ is ready to reach out and offer the world true hope, a hope that conquers fear, a hope that triumphs despite adversity, a hope that replaces mundane living and merely exsiting with a joy and a purpose in life. This is all to be found in our Lord Jesus. We as Christians must live that before we can share that. This is an historic day for the country of America, whatever side you voted for. Only in this land could Barack Obama do what he just did. A balm has just been placed on a 400 year old wound. Long may the healing continue.


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