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What is Faith? Do you have it?

Posted by appolus on April 22, 2008

What if one of your children becomes very ill? What if one of your loved ones is diagnosed with cancer? All of a sudden, what seemed like a complicated life, suddenly becomes very simple, we now focus like a laser, on what really matters. Things that seemed important the day before, now are no longer afforded even a thought as we cry out to God for that which presses on our souls and that which has consumed us.



Isa 30:20 And though the Lord give you the bread of adversity, and the water of affliction, yet shall not thy teachers be removed into a corner any more, but thine eyes shall see thy teachers: affliction: or, oppression
Isa 30:21 And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.

In verse 20 it states that the Lord has given the bread of adversity and the waters of affliction. This reminded me of the bread and water that prisoners used to get . Bread and water are synonymous with the basics. If one is on bread and water then they are in a bad place and barely surviving.

Maybe many of you feel like your on bread and water? Maybe you are barely surviving and just holding on? When one is in that place, all of a sudden life becomes very simple.

When there is nothing much going on in our lives there are many things that we fret about. We have the luxury of thinking about things that we would otherwise not . Small things become big things.We long for God to use us, and we can secretly be discontent. It is sad that when things are quiet and we should be doing nothing more than being joyful and thinking on Him, we seem to do the opposite. And it seems that we always live to regret it. Something happens and suddenly we long to be back in a time and place where life was just “normal.”

Most of us are either living in and for the future, or living in the past. Everything we do is touched by our thoughts that have went before us or our fears and hopes for tomorrow. This living one day at a time seems so remote to so many of us.

We cannot change the past and we do not know how much future lies ahead of us. It seems pretty clear that God, if we know anything, is the God of the now. The past is gone and the future is yet to come but we know that we are here now. It is now that we should worship. It is now that we should walk in His presence. It is now that we should exercise grace. Most of us also take what has happened in the past and use that as a measuring stick as to what will happen in the future.

Yet we know that God stands outside of time and space in eternity. In timeless eternity there is no past or future, only the eternal now, the eternal reality of His presence.So, when we use the past as a measuring stick for the future, it is not an act of faith, it is an act of the intellect. God cannot be known by our intellect.
May the tyranny of time not be found amongst us. May its constant demand be set aside, yet to do that we will have to set aside our fears and insecurities. If we fail to live in the now, then when calamity or trial or test comes upon us, we have to scramble to come into that place with Him.

What if one of your children becomes very ill? What if one of your loved ones is diagnosed with cancer? All of a sudden, what seemed like a complicated life, suddenly becomes very simple, we now focus like a laser, on what really matters. Things that seemed important the day before, now are no longer afforded even a thought as we cry out to God for that which presses on our souls and that which has consumed us.

What a thousand excellent teachers and preachers could not convey, circumstances, affliction, adversity suddenly become our teachers and our perspective is quite dramatically brought into focus as we realize what is really important in life, and, by the same token, what is not.

It is true, according to the Scriptures that we can lie down in green pastures and rest besides the still waters even as we walk through the valley of the shadow of death. Even in dire times of life He will be with us and His Rod and His Staff will comfort us. And we will fear no evil for He will never leave us nor forsake us. And we know that the steps of a righteous man and woman are ordered of God and that even in the presence of our enemies, even in the very midst of our trials that He prepares a table before us and we can feast on His presence.

For He anoints us the Holy Spirit, and we are filled to overflowing. And because this happens in the darkest valleys of our lives, we can certainly know for sure that goodness and mercy shall follow us all the days of our lives, on the mountain tops and in the deepest valleys and no matter what, we shall dwell in the presence of the Lord forever more.

If, in these times, we follow our Lord Jesus and trust in Him, not because of our faith, but because circumstances have backed us into a corner where we have nothing to hold on to except what we hear from Jesus, we will hear these words “This is the way, walk in it.” All of our idols, everything that seemed important, our money, our jobs,our stuff, all of a sudden start to fall away as chaff, and are blown away with the wind of the Spirit.

Then Isaiah, using the exact same illustration, says that He will give rain for your seed. What seed is he talking about? Well, Jesus told us that if we had faith, even the size of a mustard seed, then we could remove mountains. Jesus likens faith to a seed. Through the trials and adversities, as we hang onto Jesus, then faith is born.

The faith that we learn in these trials are then watered and the ground gives forth a supply of bread that is beyond imagination. These seeds can only be sown in the grounds of trial and adversity, this is the good ground, where clods are broken and the hard ground of our hearts open up to receive the seed of faith.

So, where once the bread and water represented adversity and affliction, those who endure and continue to lift Him up, even in the very midst of affliction, will themselves be lifted up out of their situation. No longer surviving on a meager ration of bread and water, but will thrive on every high hill where the waters now represent life and that more abundantly.

The light of Christ will now shine brightly through those who have patiently endured and walk with a quiet confidence, a confidence that comes from knowing that God is a God of His word. Trials and afflictions do not prove our faith, they prove that He is faithful . Our faith, the faith that pleases Him, is in knowing that and trusting in that.

These people begin to walk in victory, regardless of the season. They have walked through the heat of summer, where rivers have dried up and the humidity has sapped their soul, but they did not faint, they were weary and fell but they rose up again and kept on walking. They walked into the Fall of life, where their storehouses were filled.They have reaped an abundance from the harvest of seed sown in the adversities of life.

It has produced a bountiful supply of faith that will see them through even the darkest of times. They are sustained in the winter where all is frozen and there is no food supply, but they are prepared. And they know in their hearts, that this winter will come to pass, and that the rivers of life will swell as winter passes into Spring and life is all around them, bursting into splendor, to the Glory of Christ the King.

If you are in the place of trial and affliction, focus on Him, let the faith of necessity take a hold of you and change you and know that the bread that now threatens to choke you, and the waters that now threatens to overwhelm you will be turned around by the Lord and He will feed you like a king.And the waters will not overcome you but bring life to a dry and thirsty land where all things will blossom in the light of His mercy and Grace.

You will feed others with the comfort of faith, for you yourself witnessed that no matter what, He is faithful. You can be a witness to the Faithfulness of our Lord and master, that even when we were not faithful, He was.

2Th 3:3 But the Lord is faithful, who shall establish you and guard you from the evil.

2Ti 2:13 If we do not believe Him, yet He remains faithful; He cannot deny Himself.

Heb 10:23 Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering (for He is faithful who promised),

Heb 11:11 By faith also Sarah herself received strength to conceive seed and was delivered of a child when she was past age, because she judged Him who had promised to be faithful.

1Pe 4:19 Therefore let those who suffer according to the will of God commit their souls in well-doing, as to a faithful Creator.

Rev 1:5 even from Jesus Christ the faithful Witness

Rev 19:11 And I saw Heaven opened. And behold, a white horse! And He sitting on him was called Faithful and True.

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