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Posted by appolus on February 26, 2008

You have gathered here today in defiance of darkness and tyranny. You have come here to fight as free men and free men you are, for it is I that gave you that very freedom. So you see with your eyes that you are few and they are many, you see that you are vastly outnumbered. Will you fight today?


My wife and I and my youngest son were in St Louis for a weekend break a couple of years ago. We were driving from the hotel to listen to the St Louis Symphony on a Saturday night and the Holy Spirit came upon me. As usual this would not be a time of my choosing J yet I know from experience that the Holy Spirit is not a respecter of time.I kept on driving and I knew my wife was talking but I was caught up in the Spirit. Tears were falling from my face and the car was pretty dark so my wife did not notice. The Holy Spirit continued to move in my Spirit for the next couple of hours, all through the performance, and came in waves, one “scene,” unfolding after another. The grandness of the orchestra seem to only heighten my experience. I am sure people around me may have thought that I was deeply moved by the music, and the truth is I was somewhere else altogether.

The beginning of the vision was a loud booming voice calling all Christians to awake , “Awake you sleepy Christians.” “Who will ascend Gods Holy Hill? Those with a pure heart and clean hands. This was scene 1, a call to arms. Then the second scene unfolded. I saw thousands of baby turtles heading from the dunes towards the sea. They had a wide beach ahead of them. Before most of them could cross the beach and reach the water they were attacked by birds of every kind. The power of the air had come to attack them, seagulls by the hundreds making a horrendous shrieking noise as they feasted on their helpless prey. Birds of every kind joined the attack, swooping down and pecking and carrying the baby turtles off. Then from the dunes from where they came, came raccoons and critters of every kind to join in the frenzy and drag these hapless baby turtles away. Just when I thought the slaughter could not get worse, out from under the sand came crabs, crabs with large pincers which tore into the turtles and they dragged them into holes in the sand to be devoured. As all of this was going on, I could see Scripture framing this whole scene. “Many are called but few are chosen,” “Broad is the road that leads to destruction, narrow is the path that leads to life.”

Suddenly the scene changes, I am on a beach, but it is the scene from Saving private Ryan. Death was all around me. Young men being killed right where I stood and the severely wounded all around, desperately seeking for a place to hide, for some kind of barrier to protect them from the onslaught. There were kids with there innards hanging out and they were trying to stop them from spilling onto the beach, while screaming for their mothers. Men with their limbs blown of, the one man walking around in shock with his right hand carrying his left arm which had been blown off.

Suddenly the scene changes again. There is a Rock with a sword embedded into it. This sits right in the middle of an arena, like Kemper or arrowhead. This is also the scene from Braveheart. On strolls a man that is dressed like William Wallace in the scene from the movie where he addresses his vastly outnumbered army who are thinking about fleeing from the battle. The man, who is actually Jesus dressed in full Scottish battledress, reaches forward , and with both hands, pulls the Claymore from the Rock and turns to address the crowd in the arena.

“ I am Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I am maker of heaven and earth and I am the Holy Son of the Living God. I hold in my hand the two edged sword. And with this sword I will surely destroy all the enemies, this vast army of evil that you see here before you. This army that has dared to challenge the living God, this army that has exposed itself on the battlefield will be completely destroyed this very day. I see another army here before me, the army of the Living God. You have gathered here today in defiance of darkness and tyranny. You have come here to fight as free men and free men you are, for it is I that gave you that very freedom. So you see with your eyes that you are few and they are many, you see that you are vastly outnumbered. Will you fight today?

“No, we will run and we will live,” shouts a man from the crowd. “Yes, if you run now you will live a while. If you stay and fight you may die, but I have called you here this day to die in a battle that will be celebrated for all eternity. Yet for those who run and “live,” what kind of life will you live? When you are dying in your beds, many years from now, how many of you will cry out with regret, having lived a life of compromise and shame and know in your heart that you would be willing to trade forty years of compromise for one day of glory in this great battlefield of the flesh. This light against darkness. To be able to say to your enemies “eye, you may kill me this day and I may have to lose everything this very day but one thing you will never take, you will never take my spirit!!!!

Now the scene changes again. I am in the stadium or arena . Men of God form a semicircle in front of the crowd of young people. Behind them is a sea of flags. The flags are blowing in the wind. The flags represent the enemies that the Holy Spirit had just showed me. The enemies that attacked the turtles each had names and the names were written on the flags. Some of the names were Rebellion, lust, sex, drugs, beer, abuse, suicide, bitterness, hatred, greed, materialism, incest, rape, murder and many many more.

The call is made to the crowd, its the call that Jesus has just made, “Will you come forward and die to these thing this day?” They respond to the call to arms and begin to move forward in obedience to the call. They run towards the enemy, they kneel and pray with the men of God and then move past them and with pure hearts and clean hands they make their way towards the flag that represents what they have just laid down, they pull up the flag and they break it over their knees and throw it to the ground. Freedom rings out into the night sky, the rejoicing rises up into heaven itself and all of heaven rejoices to see Satan’s kingdom torn down and Gods young people taking back that which is theirs, that which is Gods, their very heart. And Satan trembles at the rise of this army…………..Amen

 A vision from God-His army arises PDF link

11 Responses to “A VISION FROM GOD”

  1. faithwalk said

    What a vision, bless the Lord!

    I canna help but wonder as the scene from Braveheart rings true. I am moved every time I see it with the same thoughts regarding serving the Lord and living by faith today. If we do not follow Jesus and do whatever He bids, no matter how foolhardy it may seem to others, we will many years from now, while dying in our beds have nothing but regret for having wasted the days the Lord has so graciously given us.

    They are His as are our lives, to with as He chooses. It is not our right to live as we please and yet if our hearts are truly one with Christs, what pleases Him is what will be our desire.
    I cry out with my all, here am I Lord, send me!
    Better to die on the batlefield for Jesus Christ, fighting for His Kingdom; than to gain all the wealth and comfort of this world and miss the fulness of His life and will.

    May God help us by His grace, to hear His voice, know His will, and be faithul.

    Every blessing and grace to you,


  2. appolus said

    Hi Susan you have the same heart as those who penned this from “The Declaration of Abroath,” which you can read in its entirety by clicking on the link on my blogroll……..

    “For as long as but a hundred of us remain alive, never will we on any conditions be brought under English rule. It is not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom — for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.
    From The Declaration of Arbroath 1320.

    Now if you take out the “English Rule,” part and replace it with “The World,” then you have a Warrrior Spirit for Christ…..Frank

  3. faithwalk said

    Frank, I have already done so and read it! Not only that, one of my ancestors signed it. 🙂
    Another petitioned parliament to have the bible translated in the common mans tongue which was approved; bringing the Word of God to the common Scot. I wish all my ancient family had been such, but the Maxwell’s were a mixed lot.

    One of these days we can sit down perhaps and share stories of what all the Lord has done in our lives and shown us; the Lord willing perhaps even meet in Scotland some time…

    May you be blessed in the Lord Jesus and please pray for me. I’ve been working 12 and 13 hour days on 4 hrs sleep and it is so wearying. But God is faithful; He truly is.

    A glorious weekend to you,


  4. appolus said

    I will pray for you sister, pray that the Lord would soon release you into your hearts desire. I would not pray that for everyone , but I know that it was He that gave you the desires of your heart and He always brings to pass that which He inspires. Maybe we will sit down and talk in Scotland in Novemeber at the Revival conference in Greenock. Christians from all over the world will be coming and surely the darkness trembles………Frank

  5. faithwalk said

    Thank you Frank, and please keep us posted as to the exact dates once you know. The Lord willing, we will be there! Yes the enemy trembles and yet he will not go down without a fight. That we would be wise as serpents and gentle as doves, with the heart and stamina of warriors for Christ; Scottish Warriors at that! 🙂

    May we follow our Saviour and King without reservation into the thick of the battle; for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven, and the eternal souls of men. So many are held captive by the enemy and the hour is late. It’s time for them to be set free and bring them home, for Today is the Day of salvation; tomorrow may be too late.

    Every grace and blessing to you in Jesus Christ our Lord,


  6. Destiny Sweet said

    Frank..been reading your blog here..popped over from SI. Thanks for sharing your vision.For the last few days I have been remembering something..I really felt led to share it with someone Scottish. Before the civil war here in America my great ,great ,great? grandfather William George McSpadden (the 1st) of the clan McClaine came from Scotland and fought in the Civil War under Sherman in the Union army against slavery. My father(the 5th)kept all his namesake’s memorabilia in a large chest in the living room where during quality times with dad..he would pull out diaries and medals and letters written with a old fashioned and unique..beautiful flowing hand..It came time for me to do a report in the 8th grade on American history and I chose him as my subject..I now remember opening up these yellowed and crumpling missives written to his wife between battles,in order to gain insight into his character..what I found there was an outpouring of faith in God that I had yet to be exposed to..these missives seemed to glow with a golden sheen..they felt holy..sacred somehow..so much more precious than simply memorabilia..there was a timeless eternal quality to this soul’s writings..something in his purity and kindness that at even that tender age I felt was missing from the world I saw at home,on TV and in the LA,Calif.area.I wished sadly that I could have lived with this man and his wife,been their child..listened to these kind of words that flowed so easily from his pen all the time.I could imagine him in the battles he described and the presence of his God that never went without mention,there with him.(Later I would visit the sites where He fought on a journey back east with my dad,an American history buff) There was an incredible sweetness in these writings ,love and trust so simply stated, that completely disarmed me..filling me with longing.It was the same sweetness I was to come to know as revealed in the Spirit of the Living Word..my Jesus. Looking back ,I am startled to realize that this was the first time I had been exposed to living faith..My belief in Jesus Christ as Savior as a little child was so matter of fact in contrast..yes I believe..and on I went..a quickening of the heart but no one to follow through in teaching me. I praise God for this ancestor..I suspect that I am God’s child today because of his faith in God’s promise concerning his own seed.It is a nice thought..and though I could never weild an earthly weapon..I have faced many battles standing strong and been wounded in many as well..Praise God for our Healer, the Captain of the heavenly host..our Commander in Chief who strengthens us to do His will,teaching us to wage war righteously..and how comforting that He has already won the final outcome..and we are made partakers in setting captives free and loosing the chains of cruel slavery in whatever form it takes.How great is this?! Occaisionally I get to glimpse the mighty warrior angels pulling out their swords…rising up in formation to fight for me in dangerous times(actual) ..ohh!..what a sight!Very en-couraging to see who is on our side. We would all be more bold if only all believers could see what a mighty God we serve, His great provision for us..He is so very able to protect His people.Blessed are those who do not see and yet believe! It doesn’t take a whole lot of faith to believe in what you can see..perhaps faith to believe that you are not crazy or spun out for seeing it,as some would have us believe.Maybe we see so we can tell others who don’t..Again glad you shared what you saw..It encourages me to do so as well..I also am learning to wait..wait..wait on the Lord for the perfect place and time in accordance with His divine will.Discipline.I’m embracing it.

    Oh I got an A+ on the report..the guys loved his medals & sword. I am looking forward to when all the swords are beaten into plowshares myself. Thanks for listening..wish I could be present bodily in Scotland in the fall..my spirit will be with you all.

  7. appolus said

    Hi Destiny….Thanks for dropping by and for sharing your comments. I know exactly what you mean. I had an uncle whom I only met one time as a child. He was a missionary to Pakistan for over 30 years. Anyway, I was sent his testimony after he died. As I read that testimony, I recognized the same Spirit of God speaking to me through my uncle’s words. The witness of the Lord is timeless and speks to us down through the annuls of time, of course there is no time in eternity………..Frank

  8. Destiny Sweet said

    Wow..Pakistan..now that’s some missionary assignment!

    The timeless thing comes up alot for me..but some folks are very resisitant to unusual happenings..I don’t blame them what with the times we are living in..God speaks to me about being timeless sometimes about how I am living in his timing when I wait on him to tell me when and where to go..really making an effort to resist just deciding I think I’d like to do this or that..Marching orders come from Him..this way I am always exactly where I need to be..when I need to be there. I could tell you some interesting stories of being made timeless…taken outside of time…Trancending time..in the spirit…as an eternal being..body stays and the spirit soars(sometimes it is Jesus who shows up and just takes me and other times it seems I am accompanied by my angelic guards)Then later when the future becomes the present I am aware that I already have been there..and the purpose for my travels become very apparent.God never does anything without a purpose.Sometimes I have been standing in my body and suddenly it is like I have been transported into the future..I stand in the middle of a city and watch this scene played out and I can see it is beyond our time..technologically..I take these times to God in prayer for clarification.For Him to help me know the source for certain..I do not believe that I am impervious to deception..sometimes these visions /or whatever they are called..might be symbolic..anyway..I was joking with the Lord this morning remembering what it is like to return from one of these transcending time experiences..how disorienting it is..ok..where are we in time again? Let’s see now..where is everyone else at..it’s like waiting for a large portion of the body to catch up..and so we learn to wait.

    And what about being transported across distance 20-30miles(in the blink of an eye) physically is another very real and for today thing that God does..fact..though obviously not common,I call it doing a Philip. Heard of this happening lately in your part of the globe..it should be very encouraging for the body of Christ to know that God still does this.Being made invisible so bad guys can’t see you is another..like how Jesus was able to avoid the folks who wanted to throw Him off the cliff..and was it Elisha and his servant who avoided the troops that were sent to catch them on their journey,when God blinded them. I’m a believer.I believe in an awesome God..with whom nothing is impossible..He does not dissapoint.

    Last night before retiring..I was thinking about your turtles in the vision..I am praying on whether to share an experience I had on the beach with a sea turtle,complete with heavenly music..powerful..It made an impression on me..something I believe you’d enjoy..the symbolism and message seems to dovetail with yours. I love how we get to share from such a distance.. jointly fit together..blessings to you,your wife and children..the fellowship in Scotland as well.
    Thanks for the response..Destiny

  9. appolus said

    Hi Destiny. Yes God is still a miracle working God and for Him there is nothing impossible. I have seen the miraculous, and the Lord has given me visions and dreams, but you know what I hunger for most of all? The power of the Holy Spirit to effect hearts and minds. Peter and the Apostles all saw the supernatural, but maybe the highlight of Peters ministry was when , after Pentecost he spoke with boldness to the crowd of which he was formerly afraid. Now full of the Holy Spirit, he “pierced their hearts,” with his words. This word pierce is in the same family as the word that was used when Jesus side was “pierced,” on the cross. The strange thing is that the word used for the violent assualt on the body of Christ is anot as strong as the word used for Peters word. In the Gospel it is “noos-so,” and in Acts it is “kat-an-oos-so.” This is a much stronger version of the word. So the words that Peter spoke, were more powerful than any violent act. This is the power that I would like to move in, and of course that blood-thirsty crowd were convicted and 3000 were saved, now that is the power of God and that excites me more………Frank

  10. Destiny Sweet said

    I’m not too excited abotu the huge crowd notion although I get to see this power all the time impacting the lives of those whose paths I cross..amen! it is the reason for the rest of the flashier stuff I think..but God is the one who decides what is necessary,when. Sometimes He just does something extraordinary to cheer you up after you have been stretched and poured out..He is so amazing..we are the amazed! Good word as usual brother I am looking forward to reading your new post on SI. Blessings!

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