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In the midst of a famine-the great falling away.

Posted by appolus on November 16, 2015

We are in the midst of a famine. It has been a creeping spiritual famine. The kind of famine where people really don’t realize that they are slowly starving to death. I absolutely believe it is the great falling away. Most people would not be able to stand sound teaching now, they are so far removed from it that it would be foreign to their ears. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires. (2 Tim 4:3)

6 Responses to “In the midst of a famine-the great falling away.”

  1. Robert Taylor said

    Greetings from Mexico brother Frank…….I agree with you 100%. We are in the midst of the great falling away. In the first few years of the church, a handful of people that named the name of Christ, turned the world upside down. Today there are millions that name the name of Jesus Christ, and the world is going to hell in a hand basket. I have been trying to teach 2 Peter 1:5,6,7 here, and for the most part it is falling on deaf ears. Do you realize what would happen in the world if every person that names the name of Jesus Christ would just apply those 3 verses of scripture alone to thier lives. The world would be turned “upside down” like happened in the first century of the church. Blessings from Mexico bro…….Robert

    • appolus said

      Indeed Robert, so many in the Western world today never get beyond ” getting saved.” The question Ravenhill used to ask was ” what are you saved from?” If we are made to be partakers of his nature then of course we should become more and more like Jesus. He should increase and we should decrease. If it is true that it is no longer we that live but Christ in us, then this should be apparent to the world for His glories sake. Pressing on and pressing in, not having considered ourselves to have arrived is the thing. I pilgrim, one who is merely passing through does not take up residence in one place. He is on a journey and to get there he has to keep moving. Sure, from time to time he will stop for various reasons, but he will not stay in a place for any longer than he truly has to. I suppose the question becomes what kind of mind do we have, are we worldly minded or heavenly minded? Do we see ourselves are sojourners merely passing through on our way back home? Is our hearts set on the here and now with all of its demands or is it set on eternal things? May the Lord bless you Robert as you turn the world upside down. In the natural you would never be where you are, but in the Kingdom reality you are where God has called you to be. You are an example of one who is merely passing through brother. God bless you. God loves you. God is pleased with you my friend and is in the midst of what you are doing. ……………..bro Frank

  2. selah said

    you are so right and it is heartbreaking.

    • appolus said

      It is heartbreaking Selah, yet the hungry will find food if they seek it out with all of their hearts……………bro Frank

  3. Viviana said

    This is accelerating. I find that now saying the name of Jesus is a setting for confrontation. You can name anyone that is related to a spiritual believe, you can name God but for some reason Jesus Christ, ppl get offended.
    Is happening in any situation.
    I always bring Jesus name in any place, cashier, dr office, my family, friends, etc
    Lately within the last month I see the defensive reaction.
    So sound doctrine is going to be soon a thing of the past.

    • appolus said

      Indeed Viviana, the name of Jesus causes great discomfort. I see a time when that name will not be allowed to be uttered in public, He will be deemed to be too devisive. The time is surely coming when we will surely be persecuted for His namesake………………….bro Frank

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