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Just one glimpse of His glory!

Posted by appolus on February 10, 2015

In a recent post, I spoke about the vital need to be found wearing the full armor of God if we are to stand in the evil day. I would like to speak about another aspect of our relationship with God that will be vital if we are to stand in that day.

The subject of passion can be so divisive because for the most part it is subjective. Yet , I will argue that Gods elect, His remnant, are a passionate group of believers. Passion; what is it and how do we measure it and how can it be obtained? A basic definition of passion is a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything. Can you say that you are passionate for Jesus? What produces passion in anyone for anything? Well, if we are to be passionate about something there must first be an encounter. In the world men and woman will testify that they met someone and it was ” love at first sight.” Within a month they are married and they remain married for the next fifty years. They fell ” madly,” in love with one another and the thought of ever being apart was something they could not even consider. Are you madly in love with Jesus? Does He produce that kind of passion within you? Can you say that you have encountered Him in such a fashion?

One of the most passionate sermons in all of the New Testament was Peters sermon after he was baptized in the Holy Spirit. He has been penetrated to his very core, Christ Himself had taken up residency in his heart by the power of the Holy Spirit to such a degree that out of the abundance of this filling overflowed the sermon, the speech, the sharing with the crowd, call it what you like, but such was the passion and the power of his words that mens hard hearts were penetrated also. You see, out of the abundance of our hearts our mouths speak. It is a universal principle. If a man has a passion and you want to know what it is, just hang around him for a while and you will soon know. If it is politics, then he will speak of politics. He will know all about it and he will continually speak of it. If it is sports or music or hunting or history it will be just the same. If it is Jesus, it will be no different. Out of the passionate heart flows passionate words.

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