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Noah’s ark would have fallen apart.

Posted by appolus on February 18, 2014

I was thinking about some of the criticisms of the notion of Noah’ ark. They talked about how a boat such as that would have split in two in the midst of such a mighty sea that covered the whole world, it would never have held together. Today the Lord spoke into my heart and told me that it was too low. I pondered that. Too low? And then He opened up my heart to understand. The whole conversation was too low. God holds the whole universe in His hands. He holds it all together. The notion that He could not hold a small boat together, for that is what it was in comparison to all that exists, in the middle of a ocean on a small planet, for that is what we are in the midst of vastness, was clearly preposterous. Today I glimpsed something of His vastness in my Spirit, not for the first time but always breathtaking. To truly glimpse the vastness of God is to render all else infintesimal. How big is our God? He is larger than anything that our brains can comprehend.

2 Responses to “Noah’s ark would have fallen apart.”

  1. Robert Taylor said

    Hello brother Frank……this is a very intresting article you wrote today. I was looking at a picture that some artist perceived was a picture of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. You and i both know that those pictures is not an accurate projection of our mighty God. However, as i was looking at that picture, i asked myself the question, “why do most of these pictures that these people paint of Jesus the Christ, most of the time show only one hand”. The Lord used my musings to teach me a lesson concerning the real Jesus Christ. He impressed upon me, “I only need one hand to do the sum total of all things in the universe”. These foolish people that pose questions like the one you just talked about here, absolutely don´t know the God that you and I, and a few million other christians on this earth knows. The same God that held that Ark together holds our out of control lives together today. And you know what, he only needs one hand to do it. Praise his Name forever. Blessings from Mexico brother…….Robert

  2. appolus said

    Yes indeed bro Robert, one hand holds it all together. We are grass-hoppers and He sits upon the circle of the earth, He is high and lifted up. Yet we are also His children and He invites us to know what is the height and the depth and the width of who He is. It is an incredible thing to scale the heights of His love and to “know,” what cannot be known……………bro Frank

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