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The curse of the earth touch

Posted by appolus on August 29, 2014

We can see down through the history of the church and various movements, whether large or small, that the ” curse of the earth touch,” is upon the imaginations of men. Blueprints and ambitions on how men should gather and the way things should be always seems to come and slowly and surely the Holy Spirit departs, if indeed He was ever there. Can a man keep his hands of all that is holy? Shall he try and stop the ark of the covenant from falling, not realizing that it does not belong on a cart in the first place? When the presence of God finds its proper place and is allowed His proper place then we see the blessings of God…………..bro Frank

T.A.Sparks writes………….

Creation was subjected to frustration but not by its own choice. (Romans 8:20 GW)

In searching for a sentence that will serve as a window through which what we have in view can be seen, the one that seems most potent is “The Curse of the Earth Touch.” To understand what is meant by those last three words is to have an explanation of an immense amount of history; spiritual and temporal…. The nature and features of the curse, as the Bible everywhere reveals, are frustration, thwarting, bafflement, discontent, abortion, confusion, travail, breakdown, and an ever-defeated struggle against despair and death…. Why is it that so many things which have greatly served the purpose of God have eventually fallen apart; broken up; and have little more than a great past to live upon? Why is it that the Lord Himself has not circumvented this and preserved intact these instruments and vessels that He has used? Why is it that division upon division follows almost endlessly the course of many things which have been very jealous for an utter position as to Bible truth? These and many such questions have but one answer. That answer is the earth touch.

Somewhere, somehow, that blighting contact has been made. There has been a gesture toward this earth. Man has put his hand on heavenly things and tried to bring them on to this earth. It might be a ‘New Testament Church’ of a composite nature: certain things taught, enacted, and done in conformity to the record in the New Testament; a certain order, technique, and construction; these things have been drawn together for a creed, a form of procedure, and made the ‘basis,’ the form and standard, the ‘constitution’ of a body, an institution, a society: man’s mind and man’s hand defining, controlling, holding. The verdict of history is that God will just not commit Himself to any such thing…. The Apostles did not take a ‘Blue Print’ of New Testament churches wherever they went. The outcome of their work was a crisis, a climax to an old creation and the fiat of the new. What followed of order and knowledge was organic, not organized; spontaneous, not imposed; Life, not legality; and – above all – heavenly, not earthly. It was only when man pulled this down on to the earth that things went wrong…. Oh, this earth touch! How deadly it is! When will the Lord’s people understand the essential meaning of their union with Christ in Heaven!

By T. Austin-Sparks from: The Curse of the Earth Touch

4 Responses to “The curse of the earth touch”

  1. keijo leppioja said

    SO much voice about curse of the earth around the world in sorrow and for sin and for sicknes and the wars in hate ,but that wil come time ,when is no more the wars or hate, but the Lord will frule on the earths from Jerusalem with the sainst that the ´1000 year in peae and in abundanltly life to us in Jesus name ,thanks and bless,keijo sweden

    • appolus said

      Yes, a glorious time will come when ” the lion will lay down with the lamb,” and Christ will rule supreme………..bro Frank

  2. Tim said

    In my experience it is the carnal mind that is the greatest hindrance to the eternal purpose of “on Earth as is in Heaven”.

    • appolus said

      Yes indeed Tim, the curse of our carnality is the price of our being. Yet there will come a time when this human being shall become something altogether different. A seed of corn has nothing attractive about it, yet let it fall to the ground, indeed beneath the ground and die, and see something glorious come forth. I thank God though, that even in this carnality there is glimpses of glory and divine revelation………………..bro Frank

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